‘0.077 absurd batting average’, the best foreign hitter → 1st batch, reverse idea effect… “Continue for the time being until it is complete”

 Top hitter Jose Pirella is still unfamiliar. It is expected that we will continue to see it for a while.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man expressed his intention to continue playing the number 1 card in Pirella. The deadline is “until the condition is 80-90%”.

Coach Park said of Pirella, who was placed as the top hitter in the 3rd game against Hanwha at the Eagles Park of Hanwha Life Insurance in Daejeon on the 9th, “I think I will have to take over the number 1 for a while.” It’s not. It’s about 60% compared to last year, when it was so good. It should come up about 80, 90%. If he regains his sense of hitting, he should return to the center of the batting line and produce RBIs.”

Pirella’s first placement is a desperate measure to relieve the burden and help him find the perfect sense of hitting through more at-bats.

Pirella has been playing as a top hitter since the Daegu Kiwoom match on the 3rd.스포츠토토

Once deployment is successful.

Both of the previous two games had hits and RBIs. Including his 5th home run of the season, 4 hits in 9 at-bats (0.444), 3 RBIs and 2 runs scored. In his latest game, against Daegu Kiwoom on the 4th, he drove in 3 hits, including a home run and a double.

Rather, in his first batting order, he is fully demonstrating his unique aggressive tendency.

Last year, he was sluggish with 1 hit in 13 at-bats (0.077) and 1 RBI in 15 at-bats as the first hitter. Coach Park Jin-man’s reverse idea, boldly ignoring negative past stats, is rapidly reviving Samsung’s main guns.

On this day, Pirella also started as a top hitter in left field and stood at the forefront of attacking Hanwha starter Kim Min-woo. Pirella was the strongest player against Kim Min-woo among the Samsung batters.

Pirella, Kang Han-ul, Koo Ja-wook, Kang Min-ho, Oh Jae-il, Kim Tae-goon (DH), Kim Ji-chan, Lee Jae-hyeon, and Lee Seong-kyu are in order.

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