11 hits + 6 walks… Japan, unable to score, wins 4-2 over Softbank

 The Japanese WBC national team failed to take advantage of the scoring opportunity and won a sweaty victory over Softbank.

The Japan World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team won 4-2 in a practice game against the Softbank Hawks held at Sun Marine Stadium in Miyazaki, Japan on the 26th.

Japan: Tetsuto Yamada (designated hitter), Kensuke Kondo (center fielder), Kazuma Okamoto (left fielder), Munetaka Murakami (third baseman), Hodaka Yamakawa (first baseman), Yuhei Nakamura (catcher), Maki Shugo (2nd baseman) Baseman) – Nakano Takumu (shortstop) – Nishikawa Aiya (right fielder), and the batting line was organized in that order. The starting pitcher is Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

Softbank: Daisei Makihara (center fielder) – Akira Nakamura (left fielder) – Ryoya Kurihara (3rd baseman) – Yuki Yanagita (designated hitter) – Willians Astudillo (1st baseman) – Masaki Tomo (right fielder) – Freddy Galvis (Shortstop) – Hiroki Minei (catcher) – Hiroki Mimori (second baseman) came out, and the starting pitcher was Fujii Goya.

Japan had a chance to load bases with one out in the top of the second inning. With Nakamura’s hit, Shugo’s walk, and Nakano’s hit, the bases were loaded. However, Nishikawa’s infield grounder caught third base runner Nakamura at home. Then, Yamada struck out and couldn’t save the opportunity.안전놀이터

Japan, who missed the chance to load the bases, immediately conceded. After Tomo hit a double, Galvis hit a double at the right time and Softbank took the lead. Then, with Minei’s base hit and third baseman Murakami’s throwing error, Galvis came home.

In the top of the third inning, Japan had another chance to score. Kondo went to base with a 4-pitch and Okamoto hit in the infield, and he became 1st and 2nd base safely. However, Murakami’s first baseman’s fly ball, Yamakawa’s strikeout on a swing, and Nakamura’s center fielder’s fly ball failed to take advantage of the opportunity.

In Japan’s 5th inning, Softbank’s changed pitcher Shunsuke Kasaya fired wildly at first and third base. In the meantime, first base runner Shuto Ukyo attempted to steal second base. Catcher Minay threw to second base, but made an error. When the throw was out of the way, third base runner Yamada came home and Shuto advanced to third base. Then, Okamoto sent a slow ground ball between first and second bases, and Shooto came home and balanced 2-2.

In the top of the 6th inning, Japan had a chance to turn around with 2 out 1st and 3rd base thanks to hits by Nakano and Nishikawa. However, Yamada struck out after a long game that went to 10 pitches and failed to turn around.

Japan, who could hardly take advantage of the opportunity, seized the last chance in the top of the ninth inning. Shooto made a hit and went out, becoming 1 out and 1 base. Then Shuto’s stolen base and Genda Sosuke’s timely hit turned the score around 3-2. In this situation, Softbank’s defensive mistake came out and Genda advanced to third base. With 1 out and 3 base, Seiya Matsubara’s sacrifice fly gave Genda a score to break the game.

The Japanese national team had many scoring opportunities, recording 11 hits and 6 walks, but the batting line did not burst when needed and ended with a 4-2 victory. The Japanese national team, which won both matches against Softbank, will play a practice match against the Chunichi Dragons at the Nagoya Dome on March 3 and 4.

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