Terms were exchanged, but Kim Tae-gun’s long-term contract negotiations were slower than expected

Negotiations for a long-term contract between catcher Kim Tae-gun (33) and the KIA Tigers, which seemed to be concluded quickly, are progressing slowly. 안전놀이터 KIA and Kim Tae-goon have been together since the 5th of last month. KIA, whose main catcher position... Read more

“One trade, blood pierced” is the number of wins for LG… ERA 9.00 finally declared ‘extra break’

 “The blood was pierced with one trade.” It was just one month ago. On the 29th of last month, LG Twins coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop succeeded in reinforcing the starting mound by acquiring pitcher Choi Won-tae (26) in a trade with Kiwoom... Read more

Yankees release third baseman Josh Donaldson

The New York Yankees have parted ways with former MVP third baseman Josh Donaldson (38). The Yankees officially announced on the 30th (Korean time) that they would release Donaldson. Donaldson, who has a brilliant career as the 2015 American League... Read more

Deja vu leaving Plutco…LG took the first KS challenge in 29 years

Adam Plutko’s unwelcome departure is déjà vu. The challenge for the LG Twins’ first combined championship in 29 years took an unprecedented leap. LG removed left-handed setup man Deok-joo Ham from the first team entry along with Adam Plutko, who... Read more

“We have to cleanly block even 1 or 2 gradations” 79SV’s promise to find strength in the fall

 “I will cleanly block even 1 or 2 gradations”. KIA Tigers closer Jeong Hae-young (22) is regaining strength as fall approaches. He led the sweep by winning two saves in three consecutive weekend matches against the Hanwha Eagles last weekend. In... Read more

Lotte’s ‘Commander Tower Cruelty’, 7 consecutive coaches quit midway → Break up during 3 consecutive seasons… Even Sutton couldn’t avoid it

Since the 2010s, the Lotte Giants have been suffering from the cruelty of their manager. There is not a manager who has properly filled the contract period, and recently, there have been frequent hardships during the season. On the 28th,안전놀이터 Lotte... Read more

I don’t even have Park Se-hyuk… Ahn Joong-yeol, right leg pain replacement during base running “Adductor muscle pain, icing”

NC Dinos catcher Ahn Joong-yeol was replaced due to pain in his right leg during the game. Ahn Jung-yeol started as the 9th catcher in the 14th game of the season against LG at Changwon NC Park on the 27th.안전놀이터... Read more

‘The mountain of war broke out again’ SSG, 8-5 victory over Doosan ‘Winning’ completed… Doosan collapsed again in Pilseungjo 

 SSG won two days in a row over Doosan, creating a winning series of three consecutive away matches. At the end of the extra game, Jeon Eui-san (23) laughed with the final stroke. Doosan suffered two consecutive defeats. SSG won 8-5 with... Read more

I understand the FA-MVP greed… but is Ohtani the right choice to play as a batter?

Ohtani’s will, but… Is it right for Ohtani to continue running as a hitter or to go into treatment and rehabilitation as soon as possible? It’s a hard problem. Either way, the pros and cons are clear. First of all, Ohtani and... Read more

LG, absurd defeat… 2 outs at the end of the 9th inning, ground ball hits the referee and out → hit… NC, Kwon Hee-dong ends the reversal ‘three run’ band electrode… Ko Woo-seok failed to save 

NC won a dramatic end victory.   NC won a 7-5 victory over LG in the 2023 KBO League held at Changwon NC Park on the 26th. In the bottom of the ninth, the game whirled. In the game that should have... Read more