A 40-year-old legend, a 27-year-old cutie… The run of old and new KIA giants ‘I couldn’t return home’

KIA new and old giants ran through the pavilion. However, he never returned home.

KIA lost 2-3 to Gwangju Doosan on the 9th. 14 runners went on base, including 7 hits, 5 walks, and 2 errors from the opponent, but only 2 homers. Basically, Doosan starting pitcher Kwak Bin was powerful, and he could not efficiently attack Doosan Pilseung-gye Tujo.

In the end, it was a game that reminded me of the vacancy of Na Seong-beom, Kim Do-young, and Kim Sun-bin. However, KIA also had opportunities. Unfortunately, old and new giants sprinted for the team, but failed to achieve their goals. In the bottom of the sixth inning, trailing 2-3. Hyung-Woo Choi came out as the lead batter and hit in the middle right. Kwak Bin, who came out after five days, endured well with pitches focused on breaking balls, but it was at the point where he gradually showed his limits.

Kwak Bin chose the slider for Hwang Dae-in’s at-bat and first pitch, but Doosan catcher Yang Eui-ji couldn’t catch it. relatively protruded. There was also a characteristic that the space in the backstop direction of KIA Champions Field was wide. It took time for Yang Eui-ji to settle down, and Choi Hyeong-woo, the first base runner, entered second base with all his might and boldly aimed for third base. 메이저사이트

However, Choi Hyeong-woo is not a fast-footed player. Yang Eui-ji apologized to shortstop Ahn Jae-seok, who came to cover third base, and Choi Hyeong-woo was tagged out. It seemed like a narrow gap, but KIA accepted the result without requesting a video review. It’s a conclusion, but if Choi Hyeong-woo stopped at second base or was safe at third base, KIA could have had a chance to change the game flow. It was all the more so because Gwak Bin’s power was almost running out.

It was painful for KIA to miss the chance to safely load bases in the bottom of the 8th inning. Ryu Ji-hyeok struck out with a check swing, but in fact, there was little doubt in that there was almost no arc. Ryu Ji-hyeok also expressed great regret. Pinch hitter Ko Jong-wook also struck out, and Han Seung-taek turned to shortstop grounder. Since the first batter with no bases loaded could not open the water, the subsequent batters had no choice but to be burdened.

However, this chance was also the result of Hwang Dae-in creating a good atmosphere. A straight ball from Cheol-Won Jeong from 1st and 2nd baseman, hit the ball toward the shortstop. Ahn Jae-seok dashed forward and spread it to first base, but Hwang Dae-in’s feet were a little faster. He is not a fast player by nature, but Hwang Dae-in’s will was great.

The old and new players did aggressive base running, but KIA suffered a loss. In the end, there was not a single shot from the scoring position.

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