A record that has not existed for 12 years since Choi Jin-haeng… Roh Si-hwan, who woke up to the drive, challenges 30 homers in the second half

Hanwha Eagles infielder Noh Si-hwan sets out for a meaningful record not only for the individual but also for the club.

Noh Si-hwan appeared in 78 games in the first half and recorded 98 hits in 309 at-bats (19 homers), 57 RBIs, 51 runs, a batting average of 0.317, a slugging percentage of 0.560, an on-base percentage of 0.398, and an OPS of 0.958. He finished the first half with remarkable results: tied for first in home runs in the league, tied for second in slugging percentage, tied for second in RBI, and fourth in OPS.

Roh Si-hwan, who hit only 6 homers last year and lost his double-digit home run streak for the second year in a row, reflected on himself that he lost his strength last year after being swayed helplessly by various advices and devoted himself to pulling the hitting point forward at the camp. It was a measure to increase his slugging percentage.바카라

With the addition of a reliable hitter named Chae Eun-seong this year, the pitchers’ checks were more concentrated on Noh Si-hwan. Since Chae Eun-seong supported Roh Si-hwan, the pitchers threw fewer manned pitches to Roh Si-hwan. Noh Si-hwan was able to see more balls that could be aimed for a home run.

As a result, Noh Si-hwan has already surpassed his season record of 18 (2021) with 19 homers and is leading the league home run king race. He competes with Choi Jeong, who is 13 years older than himself but still commanding the league, as the league’s representative third baseman. Based on his performance in the first half, he was named in the 24 players for the Asian Games in Hangzhou.

If Roh Si-hwan adds 11 home runs in the second half and achieves his first 30 home runs in his debut, it will be the first franchise hitter nominated for Hanwha since Jin-haeng Choi (32) in 2010. In the meantime, there was Lee Seong-yeol (34), a transfer student in 2018, and as a foreign hitter, Rosario (33, 37) in 2016-2017 and Hoing (30) in 2018 achieved.

If Noh Si-hwan wins the home run king in the league, the third home run king after Jang Jong-hoon and Kim Tae-gyun will be born as an Eagles player. Including the predecessor, Binggrae, examples of winning the home run title in the history of the Eagles include Jang Jong-hoon (28) in 1990, Jang Jong-hoon (35) in 1991, Jang Jong-hoon (41) in 1992, and Kim Tae-gyun (31) in 2008.

Regarding the home run king competition, Noh Si-hwan said, “I want to be the home run king. It is also a dream. But if I do anything consciously, it doesn’t work out. I wonder if a good title will follow if I do it without being conscious of it like I did well so far.” Regarding the rivalry with Choi Jeong, he replied, “Since he is such a great senior, I try to focus only on what I have to do.”

Hanwha finished the first half in 8th place, raising the atmosphere by winning 8 consecutive wins in June despite various twists and turns such as changing managers in the first half. With only 2.5 games remaining from 5th place Lotte, depending on the pace of the second half, you may be looking at a higher place. Attention is focusing on the second half whether Noh Si-hwan’s cool blows can blow the wind of victory to Hanwha.

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