A special prospect to watch this summer, 19-year-old defender Presnada… Barcelona? Milan? Arsenal?

There is a high possibility that Ivan Presnada, a top prospect who was not transferred after all rumors were rumored in January, will actually transfer this summer.스포츠토토

Fresnada is a 19-year-old promising defender who debuted in the 2022-2023 season at Spanish club Real Valladolid. He was once in the Real Madrid youth team, but bounced out when he was 14, before settling for Valladolid. He mainly plays right back, but also played center back and side midfielder depending on team circumstances. As a starter in 18 of 22 games in his first season, he has already demonstrated his pro-level prowess.

It was reported that Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund competed for scouting in the transfer market in January, but ended up finishing the season in Valladolid without going to either team. And by July, the scope of the transfer rumors had increased. Local media predicting that he will go to Barcelona has increased, as if his full-time performance when defeating Barcelona at the end of last season was impressive. Italy’s AC Milan also added.

The transfer fee is discussed at around 20 million euros. It is known that Fresnada prefers homegrown Barcelona, ​​but it is not clear whether the transfer will happen. This is because Barcelona are in financial trouble, despite his not-so-expensive ransom. The money that would be spent on a prospect who is not an immediate powerhouse is already in the mood to pour into Turkish winger Arda Güler. If Barcelona cannot move in time, foreign clubs can recruit him through active love calls.

Arsenal and Dortmund are both teams with expertise in finding and nurturing prospects. Milan have recently declared a ‘Moneyball’ and want to sign promising players whose prices will rise in the future. Fresnada is one of the players who fits here. It is also true that Milan’s main right-back Davide Calabria needs reinforcements as he is experiencing some decline in his skills.

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