All-out efforts to persuade colleagues” Greenwood, it will be difficult to return until this summer

Mason Greenwood of Manchester United in England’s English Premier League (EPL) is making all-out efforts to return to the club. Greenwood was charged with sex crimes, but local prosecutors recently dropped the charges against him. However, among the British media,스포츠토토 there is a prospect that “it will be difficult to return at least until the summer.”

On the 18th, Korean time, British media The Sun reported that “Greenwood secretly met his recent Manchester United colleagues” and “he is trying to rebuild his relationship with his teammates.”

Greenwood is now free from the prosecution’s investigation, but is still under investigation within the team. Only after the club’s investigation is over will it be decided whether to participate in training and re-include the squad.

He was removed from training in January of last year after a woman known to be his ex-girlfriend revealed that he had been assaulted by Greenwood and that he demanded sexual intercourse. Her woman at the time posted a photo of her bloody face and transcript to her own social media account.

Greenwood was subsequently arrested on charges of attempted assault, assault, bodily harm, and coercion. Manchester United quickly erased his traces, including stopping the sale of Greenwood-related merchandise.

Greenwood’s name, which had been forgotten for some time, was resurfaced earlier this month when prosecutors said they had dropped all charges against Greenwood for his crimes. It is known that the prosecution judged that it would be difficult to prove the charges in reality.

Afterwards, some media reported that “Man United players do not want Greenwood to rejoin.” It was the content that the highly encouraged players did not want to cause noise in the club. Manchester United have risen from last place at the start of the season to third in the current league standings.

Meanwhile, according to The Sun, Greenwood is trying to reconnect with his teammates outside the training ground. It is said that the target is mainly players whom he has known since his Manchester United academy days. The media said, “They are listening to Greenwood’s story and are organizing their own stance on the Greenwood case.”

Another British media mirror predicted, “Whether or not Greenwood will return is expected to be decided at least after the summer.”

Manchester United are currently in 3rd place in the league rankings with 14 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses. The gap between 1st place Manchester City and 2nd place Arsenal is 5 points.

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