Announcement of Vietnamese national baseball team, ‘East Asian baseball boom’

Head coach Park Hyo-cheol and general manager Lee Jang-hyeong of the Vietnam national team delivered the list of players to the magazine, saying, “After twists and turns, 21 Vietnamese national players (18) and coaching staff (3) were formed through the preliminary round.” It was the result of the two having a tryout while touring Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Da Nang themselves. And the Vietnam Baseball Association officially announced the team roster the day before the Lunar New Year holiday.

In particular, general manager Lee Jang-hyung said, “We decided by minimizing Vietnam’s regional and emotional characteristics and ranking the points obtained in 10 items (speed, coordination, defense, batting) of the selection. Of course, considering the level of baseball in Vietnam, where pitchers are weak, As much as possible, I digested two or more positions in the defensive evaluation (outfield, infield, pitcher, catcher), and tried to select as many pitchers as possible.” 메이저사이트

In addition, “Unfortunately, among the players who were eliminated from the score, we included 6 substitute players in consideration of their potential and development potential. Announcement in mind that 24 players can be included in the Thailand tournament, Hangzhou Asian Games, and Korean field training. It was,” he said, revealing that 27 players could eventually become Vietnam’s national team.

Coach Hyo-chul Park of the Vietnamese national team said, “We have already prepared a training program until the call-up in mid-February, and it will be delivered via personal email soon.” Coach Park, who has already analyzed the video of the participating countries several times, said, “I admit it. I want Vietnamese players to know exactly what they need to do to win. These experiences will accumulate and produce good results later,” he said, revealing the significance of Vietnam’s participation in the competition.

Lastly, Director Lee Jang-hyeong said, “I sincerely hope that someone can make the impossible possible and grow Vietnamese baseball, which had no countermeasures, with people who will bring out the last remaining hope together in the midst of countless despair from Pandora’s box.” He expressed his anticipation for the competition.

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