‘Another runner-up’ Dolmun fans unnecessarily angry at Lee Jae-sung, “get out of Germany” malware

Dortmund fans take out their anger on Lee Jae-sung (30-Mainz) after finishing runners-up in the Bundesliga once again.

The winner of the German Bundesliga was decided at the end of the final match. At 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, the final nine matches of the 34th round of the 2022-23 Bundesliga season were played simultaneously. At kickoff, Dortmund was in first place with 70 points and Bayern Munich was in second place with 68 points.

First-place Dortmund hosted Mainz at home. Second-placed Bayern Munich travelled to FC Koln. Only two points separated the two teams. Dortmund could clinch the title with a win in Mainz. Bayern Munich needed to beat FC Köln and then hope that Dortmund would draw or lose to win the title.

The final didn’t go quite as expected. Dortmund conceded in the 15th and 24th minutes of the first half to Hans Olsen and Onyekibo, respectively, to go 0-2 down. Dortmund’s second goal came from a left-footed cross by Lee Jae-sung. It was Lee’s fourth league assist of the season. Dortmund would go on to concede a penalty kick (PK).

Around the same time, Bayern Munich was beating Cologne 1-0. This had the Dortmund fans on their feet. They needed to overturn a 0-2 deficit and come from behind to win the title. In the second half, Dortmund brought on Mukoko, Royce, and Reina to boost their attack.먹튀검증

Eventually, Guerreiro scored in the 24th minute to make it 1-2. It was still two goals short of a win. Dortmund equalised in the sixth minute of second-half stoppage time when defender Schurrle scored a volley to make it 2-2. The game ended 2-2 with no further goals. At the same time, Bayern Munich came from behind to win the title with a 2-1 victory.

Dortmund won their first Bundesliga title in 11 years. Bayern Munich had won the title for the last 10 seasons in a row, and Dortmund were in a ‘perennial second best’ position. It was a golden opportunity to break the deadlock, but they were denied by Mainz in the final.

Some Dortmund fans criticised Mainz’s Korean midfielder Lee Jae-sung. They rushed to his social media accounts after their failure to win the trophy, telling him to “get the hell out of Germany”. On the other hand, there were Bayern Munich fans who were grateful.

Bayern Munich conceded a goal in the 36th minute of the second leg against Cologne to draw 1-1. However, Jamal Moussaouiallah added a goal in the 44th minute to secure a dramatic 2-1 victory. They gathered on the pitch after the game to watch the Dortmund-Mainz match on their mobile phones. After Dortmund drew 2-2, Bayern Munich players went on a rampage and celebrated the title. It was their 11th consecutive title.

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