“Are we number one in relegation? I won’t give you points easily!” Gwangju director Lee Jeong-hyo’s spirit

Gwangju FC showed off the spirit of the promoted team.안전놀이터

‘2023 K League 1 Media Day’ was held at The-K Hotel in Yangjae-dong, Seoul on the 20th. Managers and players representing 12 clubs gathered in one place and showed off their wits.

I also saw a new face. It was coach Lee Jeong-hyo and Ahn Young-gyu who led the promoted team Gwangju FC. Last season, Gwangju won the K-League 2 overwhelmingly with 86 points. However, in the K-League 1, Gwangju is pointed out as weak.

Head coach Lee Jung-hyo, who first attended the K League 1 Media Day, drew attention with a spirited interview. He said, “We will push our color as it is in K League 1. Remaining is not our goal. I want to let Suwon fans know what our soccer is like from the opening game.”

Ahn Young-gyu also said, “There are many people who see us as the number one relegation team. I will reverse those thoughts and laugh at the end.”

Unlike other directors who wore suits, director Lee Jeong-hyo stood out by wearing the ‘Lee-Eutdeum’ uniform inside out. He said, “Leeeutteum prepared well, but two weeks ago he suffered a major injury. I thought it would be a great comfort to show it, so I came out wearing a uniform.”

In the eyes of the opposing coaches who saw Gwangju as an easy team, coach Lee Jung-hyo gave strength to his voice by saying, “We will not give points easily.” 

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