“Be sure to win the pitcher, please sweep” SSG biased relay, in the endless controversy over Oh Jae-won’s commentary, baseball elders also say “I don’t speak carelessly”

Oh Jae-won, a commentator at SPOTV, is pouring out controversial remarks. An elder in the baseball world who was less than good spoke bitterly to him.아톰카지노

Oh Jae-won made a remark as if he was biased in the match between the Samsung Lions and SSG Landers held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 25th.

Introducing SSG starting pitcher Seong-Hoon Cho, who pitched well in the game on Tuesday (starting against Doosan on June 20), he said, “I will definitely ask for a sweep while being a winning pitcher today.”

He appeared on the SSG club channel and talked like a commentator broadcasting the game. He failed to maintain a neutral attitude while watching the match between Samsung and SSG. It became like raising the fire in the previous controversies.

The controversy over Oh Jae-won’s remarks began with the game on the 24th. 7th inning with Samsung trailing 7-13. Bullpen Yang Chang-seop threw toward himself on the 4th pitch against Choi Sang from 1st, 1st and 3rd base. Yang Chang-seop’s pitch grazed Choi’s uniform. Yang Chang-seop took off his hat and bowed his head toward Choi Jeong.

At this time, Oh Jae-won, who was in charge of the game commentary, said, “This was an open hit, but it is fortunate that it rubbed against my clothes. I hate this situation the most. in a losing situation. No need to apologize for this. There’s no way Choi Jeong doesn’t know. It is a good way to go from a winning position,” he said, causing controversy. The 3 consecutive games this weekend in Incheon were broadcast on SPOTV.

Oh Jae-won made a statement confirming Yang Chang-seop’s beanball, and both Yang Chang-seop and Oh Jae-won posted posts on social media that seemed to snipe their opponents, causing controversy.

Regarding this situation, Samsung coach Park Jin-man met with reporters ahead of the game on the 25th and said, “I didn’t want to get involved, but they said that on the air. Pitchers work hard to exploit the weaknesses of their opponents. The hitter is trying to figure out the pitcher’s weakness. Our analysis was that Choi Jeong was a bit weak on the body. So he became such a pitcher. (Oh Jae-won’s remarks) I don’t understand that such a thing is coming out.”

However, even during the game that day, Oh Jae-won was not careful. Former baseball veteran Park Yong-jin, who previously served as MBC Blue Dragon hitting coach and Hanwha 2nd team manager, said, “You talk carelessly. It seems to be an ambiguous pitch whether it was intentional or not. ‘I hate this situation the most’ is just a personal feeling. The commentator’s words do not fit. There is a flow of words, and the front and back must match,” he pointed out.

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