Beautiful loser BNK Director Park Jeong-eun “Lee So-hee, Ahn Hye-ji, and Jin An achieved a step-up”

“It was a season in which each player improved a lot.”

Busan BNK fought well. He vomited up his spirit to rise to the first championship match. It was blocked by the wall of the strongest Woori Bank and ended in runner-up, but it was a meaningful season.

After losing the third round of the championship match held in Busan on the 23rd, BNK coach Jeongeun Park said, “I am grateful to the players because they seem to have gone through a long journey well. 메이저사이트

” I think I did. I will work hard to prepare for the next season,” he said. “As we started the season, we started with the slogan of step-up. It is encouraging that he played his part while taking time. I will play with better tactics and power in the future.”

The BNK team sincerely congratulated Woori Bank on their victory. The athletes lined up to watch the Woori Bank championship ceremony. It was impressive. It showed what sportsmanship is like.

Director Park said, “I mentioned going to Busan while casting my vote at Media Day, and it meant that I wanted to engrave the finale in my eyes while playing a good stage. It meant to create a good league as teammates, and there was also a goal that we should stand in that position next time.”

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