Bellho who sharpened the tip of the window and locked the back door… world cup confidence

The women’s national soccer team, led by head coach Colin Bell, boosted their confidence by winning both matches against Zambia.

Ace Ji So-yeon was missing, but another victory equation was completed with a Plan B strategy with veteran players at the forefront.

This is reporter Park Ji-woon.


The women’s national soccer team scored 10 goals in two evaluation matches and finished the World Cup mock test with consecutive victories.

Above all, the performance of overseas players stood out.

Lee Geum-min, who plays for Brighton in England, scored a total of five goals with a hat-trick in the second game following a multi-goal in the first game, and Cho So-hyun of Tottenham also made a splendid comeback with a multi-goal.

It is noteworthy that Park Eun-seon, who was 182 cm tall and groaned due to injury and slump, completely revived by taking control of the air supply. 온라인카지노

After leaving the national team for a long time after the 2015 World Cup, Park Eun-sun returned after receiving a call from coach Colin Bell and scored two goals in a row.

Velho not only increased her attack combinations, but also expanded her tactical options.

From three-back to five-back, he flexibly coped with the gap in the starting lineup with various attempts.

It is evaluated that they have found a way to win efficiently even if the main players, including ace Ji So-yeon, are missing.

It is also encouraging that the defenders gained confidence by finishing the second match against Zambia without conceding a goal.

The growth of young players such as Chun Ga-ram, who helped Cho So-hyun’s multi-goal, and Bae Ye-bin, who played full-time in the second game, are expected to be a big boon for preparations for the upcoming World Cup in three months.

Belho plans to unite once more for the final friendly match in June, right before the World Cup begins.

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