“Breaking a bone after filling a bucket to get rid of resentment”… Kellenic sheds tears over futile injuries

Jared Kellenic (Seattle Mariners), who was injured in vain due to a momentary choice, finally shed tears.

On the 21st (Korean time), MLB.com, the official homepage of Major League Baseball, said, “Kelenik kicked a water bucket and fractured his left foot.”온라인바카라

In a home game against the Minnesota Twins on the 20th, Kellenic entered the plate at the 1st and 2nd base chances without an out in the bottom of the 9th inning when the team was trailing 3-6.

He had a tenacious fight with Minnesota relief pitcher Joan Duran that went all the way to nine pitches, but dropped his head with a looking strikeout. Seattle was unable to turn the game around and lost by 3 points.

Heartbroken at not being able to capitalize on his counterattack opportunity, after striking out, Kellenic returned to the dugout to vent his anger by kicking a bucket of water. The result was a fracture of the left foot.

Kellenic shed tears when meeting local reporters that day. “I feel terrible. I’m sorry for my teammates. I was emotional and let everyone down. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have done it,” he regretted.

Although surgery is not required, a long-term colon is unavoidable. “He’s broken a bone, so it’s going to take time to recover. Kellenic won’t be able to move for a while,” Seattle coach Scott Service said.

Kellenic, who entered the big leagues in 2021, is active with a batting average of 0.252, 11 homers, 45 RBIs, 43 points and 12 steals in 90 games this year. Having stayed in the 10% batting average for the past two years, he was caught in an embarrassing mistake on the way to a career high.

“No one feels more upset than Kellenic,” Service said. “This will be a lesson for him and all the players.” “Athletes get frustrated when they don’t get the results they want. But you have to be able to control your emotions and that’s the pro,” he said.

Meanwhile, Korean major leaguer Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) also injured his left foot by kicking a water bottle after committing a run against the New York Mets on the 9th at the end of the first half. 

Fortunately, Kim Ha-seong, who was not seriously injured, was able to play the game again in two days.

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