“Breaking Dad’s seal” “Storm Bench” Oh Sang-eun – “Youngest AG representative” Oh Jun-seong Rich man’s happy table tennis 

“I definitely wanted to win, I didn’t want to think about the number of cases.”

Her masculine tone closely resembles his father’s. ‘Oh Sang-eun 2nd Generation’ Oh Jun-seong (17, Mirae Asset Securities) won the 2023 PyeongChang Asian Championship and Hangzhou Asian Games dispatched national team 2nd selection match on the 4th. said after it was built.

On this day, Mirae Asset Securities manager Oh Sang-eun, silver medalist at the London Olympics, sat on the bench. Oh Jun-seong quit school last year when he was in his freshman year of high school to play ‘table tennis all-in’ and joined Mirae Asset Securities. Director Oh, who was hesitant to say that Mirae Asset Securities general manager Kim Taek-soo sent a love call early, but said that it was still not enough, changed his mind right after his son defeated all his brothers in the unemployment team in August of last year to win the presidential flag. Oh Jun-seong, who became an ‘office worker’, also worked in the Spring Day Tournament. He was pushed back to the 1st selection, where he picked 2 people, finished 3rd by one point, and even the 2nd selection, but his momentum was not broken. He only lost 1 to Ahn Jae-hyun (2-3) and set all his seniors back and confirmed the ‘youngest’ Taegeuk mark. 18 years old, 1986 Seoul Asian Games 1 year earlier than Yoo Nam-gyu (Korea Exchange coach), 21 years old, 1994 Hiroshima Asian Games, faster than his father coach Oh. In response to the congratulations pouring in, the ‘rich man in table tennis’ seemed calm as if he had done his job. All that Bench’s father wrapped around his son’s shoulder once. Just like coach Oh did when he was a player, Joon-seong Oh said, “I tend to be expressionless and not good at celebrations.” It is a negative electric war. 메이저놀이터

On the last day, the match against Kim Min-hyeok was a victory. If you win, your strength is confirmed, and if you lose, you win or lose. Oh Jun-seong said, “If I lose, I lose. I don’t want to be bitten vaguely. I definitely want to win.” After catching the first game, the second game was 6-10, giving game points. In a crisis, Oh Jun-seong fought head-to-head. “Minhyuk hyung’s back-spinning service is tricky. There’s also a next set, so I hit it boldly to show that I don’t feel burdened by this serve even if I lose.” After that, I scored 6 points and turned 12-10, and that’s how the first Taegeuk mark came.

Oh Jun-seong’s play resembles his father’s ‘backhand textbook’ and ‘iron wall’ who stick to the table and catch all the balls in the world. Oh Jun-seong said, “Although table tennis has changed, there are still many advantages of my father’s era. I begged him to teach me his father’s skills.” Coach Oh won 7 silver medals and 2 bronze medals in 5 Asian Games from Hiroshima in 1994 to Guangzhou in 2010. After winning the bronze medal in ‘2008 Beijing’ and the silver medal in ‘2012 London’, his son absolutely trusted his father’s ‘bench new work’, who was the longest and best ace in singles, doubles, and team events until his retirement at the age of 39 in 2016. do. “It’s reassuring to have one of the greatest players of all time on my bench,” he said. “It works really well table tennis.” The father laughed, saying, “My son is doing much better than me at the same age.” There is no such thing as ‘father’s shadow’ or ‘2nd generation stress’ for them. When asked about his goal, Oh Jun-seong declared, “Breaking the father’s record”. He said, “I know what my dad did at my age. I will challenge those records with the feeling of breaking the seal.” This is the beginning of the ‘World Class’ challenge.

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