[Choi Byung-jin’s Pitch Remind] The ‘manager-type’ coach is not the problem

 Is the director’s ‘style’ the key to this situation?

A successor has been decided for coach Paulo Bento (53), who wrote the history of advancing to the round of 16 at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Directed by Jurgen Klinsmann (58) from Germany. The Korea Football Association announced the departure of ‘Klinsman’ on the 27th of last month.

The atmosphere is the worst. Criticism of the appointment of Klinsman is strong. There are two main reasons for the negative position. First is the career break. Klinsmann took charge of Hertha Berlin in November 2019, but resigned after 10 weeks. The divorce process was also controversial. Director Klinsman announced his farewell through personal social media (SNS) without consulting the club. He could not escape accusations of irresponsibility.

If you go back before Berlin, your managerial career ends in November 2016. Excluding the 10-week Berlin coaching post, there will be a 7-year hiatus. He has continued his football career as a member of the FIFA Technical Study Group (TSG), but questions remain about his managerial career.

The question of tactical ability is a matter of great debate. Coach Bento pursued a consistent goal of ball possession and quick conversion. There were criticisms of coach Bento’s soccer until just before the World Cup, but he did not give up and proved his direction with performance that did not give up against opponents in the finals. Naturally, Daum’s tactical ability was ranked first in the evaluation.

But Klinsmann is not a tactician. When he was coaching Germany, Joachim Löwb, a strategist, was the head coach. Everyone now knows the anecdote that German legend Philipp Lahm said in his autobiography, “I did not conduct tactical training with coach Klinsmann.” He is more like a ‘manager type’ who manages the team and organizes the big game, not the style of giving detailed instructions to each player and formulating tactics.

Is it a problem that a manager-type coach was appointed as the successor to a coach who showed tactical colors? Of course not.

The key to this situation is that in the process of appointing coach Klinsmann, he failed to come up with a plan for running the national team.

This was confirmed at a press conference by Michael Müller, head of the National Power Enhancement Committee. Chairman Müller only explained the process and timing of the selection of candidates, but did not explain a single thing about the background of the appointment of Klinsman Gamdol and how it conformed to the principles of appointment he had set himself. He only described the head of the Korean national soccer team as “a person who wants to be a manager and has a good personality.”

Another thing Korea has gained during the four years with Bento is the ‘importance of division’. It was not meant to simply work with one supervisor, but the experts in each part demonstrated their capabilities and confirmed what effect they had when they melted into a team.

If coach Klinsman is a manager type, there should be a coach with tactical skills or a coaching staff such as an analyst to help him. However, Chairman Muller’s press conference raised doubts about whether Klinsman’s understanding of the coach was accurate or not.먹튀검증

When asked about the composition of the coaching staff, Müller said, “The entire process has not been completed. We will announce it from time to time.” There was no explanation, such as whether there was a coach Klinsman wanted or whether there was a separate candidate. According to Chairman Miller’s answer, it means that currently nothing has been done other than the appointment of a manager.

Director Klinsmann will hold an official press conference the next day after arriving at Incheon International Airport on the 8th. It is true that in the situation where about two weeks have passed since the official announcement, questions about what kind of story can be heard from the director’s mouth are growing.

What is clear is that what we wanted with the coach official was the appointment process and future direction, not whether Lee was a tactician or a manager type.

[Director Jurgen Klinsmann, coach Klinsmann, coach Joachim Löw, chairman Michael Müller, coach Paulo Bento and coaching staff. 

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