Choi Ki-moon, former NC coach, appointed as the first coach of the Suwon Dreams independent baseball team

Suwon City Suwon Dreams baseball team gathered strength to establish an independent baseball team. Former Paju Challengers coach Choi Ki-moon, who served as battery coach at Lotte Giants and NC Dinos, will serve as the first coach. 

According to Suwon Dreams on the 20th, the Suwon Dreams independent baseball team development committee composed of 60 people from all walks of life appointed former NC Dinos coach Choi Ki-moon as the first coach. Former national team pitching coach Choi Il-eon, the best expert in pitcher development in Korea, will donate his talent as a pitching coordinator. General manager Kim Sa-yul, who served as the manager of the Paju Challengers this year, plans to support the field while managing the team.  메이저사이트

Choi Ki-moon, the first coach, said, “I have been a professional coach for a long time, but after guiding independent league players for the past year, I was moved by the passion of the players who do their best even in a difficult environment. I decided to go ahead and direct it,” he said. 

Korean-Japanese coach Choi Il-eon said that the ultimate goal is to bring good pitchers from the Korean independent league to the KBO league, but if there are players who want to advance to the Japanese independent league, he will actively help.

It is hoped that it will be a place of opportunity to once again challenge the dream of advancing to the pros for many baseball players who have not yet fulfilled their dreams, just like the club’s name, Dreams. In addition, even if you fail to advance to the professional level, we are preparing progressive and diverse programs to create a second life that is not a failure.

Currently, 6 teams in Gyeonggi-do are participating in the Gyeonggi-do independent league (organized by the Gyeonggi-do Baseball Association), and Suwon Special City, the mecca of sports used by KT Wiz, will also participate in the Gyeonggi-do independent league under the name of Suwon Special City. Baseball has been adopted as an official event at the Provincial Sports Festival next year, so the representative of Suwon City can also participate.

Currently, about 10 players have started to build up for the next season, and we are continuing to recruit additional players.

In February of next year, they will go to Tsukumi, Japan for field training, and will also hold friendly matches with local Japanese social baseball teams and independent baseball teams.