Coach Tyrone Lu, who was eliminated in the 1st round, will take over the Clippers next season

 Despite the Clippers’ playoff elimination, the manager’s position is expected to remain the same.

The Los Angeles Clippers lost 130-136 to the Phoenix Suns in the 5th round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs held at the Phoenix Footprint Center in Arizona, USA on the 26th (Korean time) and was eliminated with 1 win and 4 losses. 

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, along with Norman Powell, Robert Covington, and Marcus Morris, the favorites to win the championship, the Clippers, who were evaluated as having the best depth in the NBA, had another disappointing season finish.

After the formation of the George and Leonard duo, the Clippers were eliminated in the second round, eliminated in the conference finals, and eliminated in the first round, and never won. This is a disappointing result considering the expectations when the duo of George and Leonard were formed three years ago.

Leonard and George, who missed the round due to injury, are largely responsible for their elimination in the first round. Leonard played games 1 and 2 before leaving due to injury, and George suffered an injury at the end of the regular season and could not play in the playoffs at all. The Clippers managed throughout the regular season for both players. George has played in 56 games this season and Leonard has only 52. But this time, injuries held the Clippers’ ankles.

There was also criticism of director Tyrone Lu. Coach Lu has thoroughly ruled out Covington throughout this season. In the middle of the 2021-2022 season, Covington, who was recruited by trade and used well, was suddenly excluded from the force. It wouldn’t matter if the player who replaced Covington performed well, but he had a sluggish season with Morris and Batum. That’s why it doesn’t make sense not to use Covington.

It is difficult to see Lu’s responsibility for being eliminated in the playoffs. This is because it is difficult to face the strong enemy Phoenix without Leonard and George, the team’s one-two punch.

Anyway, Lu’s report card is disappointing. It is true that coach Lu, who took over as manager Doc Rivers, did not produce any tangible results.

Still, it seems that coach Lou will take over as the Clippers’ commanding tower next season. In an interview after the game on this day, he said, “I was informed that he would take over as the Clippers manager next season as well,” he himself announced. It seems that the Clippers club trusted Coach Lu’s ability to adjust the game. 크크크벳

Before the start of the season, the Clippers, who were evaluated as strong candidates for the championship, were eliminated in the first round. It was a disappointing season for Lou, George and Leonard.

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