‘Defense 5 candidate’ Kim Young-hyun needs a smarter defense

If Kim Young-hyun defends more cleverly, the value can be increased.

After this season, Kim Young-hyeon will be eligible as a free agent. Normally, players with low compensation (53 million won) have to worry about renewing the contract, but Kim Young-hyun has no need to worry at all if he continues to play as he is now. He is rather likely to be paid the most after his debut.

Kim Young-hyun, who debuted in the 2013-2014 season, had the most appearances in a season, 25 from last season.

He has appeared in 22 games this season without missing a single game. If he’s not injured, it’s no wonder he’s over 25 games last season. This is because he is recognized as the best defensive guard on the team.

Hyundai Mobis coach Cho Dong-hyun said ahead of the game against Seoul Samsung on the 19th, “To take the initiative in the beginning, defense is necessary, so Kim Young-hyun goes first.” After 6-7 years of training, he became the best defensive player on our team.”

Coach Dong-Hyun Jo also mentioned the possibility of Young-Hyun Kim’s 5th defense, although it is too soon.

Any team needs players who are dedicated to the dirty work that doesn’t stand out in order to be successful. Kim Young-hyun plays that role. What’s more, he’s hitting 42.9 percent (24/56) of his 3-pointers this season. He is a player that all teams will covet if he even puts in 3-pointers at a rate of one per game.

However, sometimes there are times when it is too ambitious. Kim Young-hyun plays defense that Hyundai Mobis avoids once in a while.

He was not smart even in the match against Samsung. Hyundai Mobis caught up with 68-69 in the flow of being dragged, but lost consecutively to 68-74.

At this time, Kim Young-hyun, who was defending Lee Jung-hyun, fouled. It was a team foul situation. gave away a free throw. With 1 minute and 1 second left, it was virtually a foul that cemented Samsung’s victory.

Kim Young-hyun fouled Shin Dong-hyuk right before this scene. At this time, it was a foul in the rebound competition process, but when blocking Lee Jung-hyun, the foul should not have been done as much as possible.토토

Manager Cho Dong-hyun said, “There were mistakes in defense, and there were mistakes in being impatient and not smart. There were more invisible mistakes than defense against Lee Jung-hyun. For example, he told me not to foul a shot (free throw allowed), but there were parts that shouldn’t have come out. It doesn’t come out when the game is going well, but the players were in a hurry and made a shooting foul.”

Coach Dong-Hyeon Cho did not mention Young-Hyun Kim’s foul, but it is clear that Young-Hyun Kim is a foul he should not do.

Kim Young-hyun can be recognized for more value only when he plays a defense that uses fouls cleverly.