Despite being eliminated from the Hall of Fame, “I can’t believe it went up by 17%!” this is the quality of a legend

 Andrew Jones, who is considered one of the best center fielders in the major leagues, failed to cross the 75% barrier in his 6th ‘Hall of Fame’ challenge. But rather than regretting it, he was delighted that more people had voted for him. The attitude of accepting the result positively received a favorable response from the fans. 토토사이트

There are two players inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. Along with Fred McGriff, who received unanimous consent from the Players Committee of the Modern Baseball Era, Scott Rolen passed 75% with 297 votes and 76.3% of the vote in the BBWAA (All Baseball Writers Association) vote, and was named in the Hall of Fame.

There were 28 candidates for the Hall of Fame this year. According to the announcement on the 25th (Korean time), among these 28 retired players who received the support of a majority of the voters, besides Rolen, Todd Helton (72.2%), Billy Wagner (68.1%) Jones (58.1%) and Gary Sheffield (55.0%) were five. only

Jones, who was nominated for the sixth time after his retirement, recorded a difficult vote rate to guarantee entry into the Hall of Fame next year. If the current trend continues, the next year seems likely.

However, Jones showed no signs of regret after the voting results came out. Although Jones failed to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, he was grateful that the vote rate increased by 16.7 percentage points. He garnered 41.4% of the vote last year.

I congratulated the two Hall of Fame players who did not regret being eliminated and played as contemporaries. Jones tweeted: “Amazing. Up almost 17%(P). Thanks to everyone who voted for me. It’s such an honor. Also my former teammate Fred McGriff (inducted into the Hall of Fame) and my opponent. “I’m proud of you, Scott Rolen. Congratulations, colleagues.”

Jones played for the Atlanta Braves, LA Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox, and New York Yankees in 17 seasons from 1996 to 2012, hitting 0.254 in 2196 games, hitting 434 homers and 1289 RBIs. He won a whopping 10 Gold Gloves for his excellent center field defense.

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