‘Dissatisfaction with the judgment’ Hakimi protests in front of the FIFA president → FIFA demands the deletion of the video

After the Qatar World Cup match, Morocco’s Hakimi asked FIFA president Infantino directly about the referee’s decision.

Morocco lost 1-2 to Croatia in the 2022 Qatar World Cup third place match held in Doha, Qatar on the morning of the 18th (Korean time). Morocco, the first African country to reach the semifinals of the World Cup, lost their last World Cup match in Qatar.

Morocco harshly protested against the decision of the referee at the end of the second half against Croatia. In the 44th minute of the second half, Morocco’s En-Nesiri and Croatia’s Petkovic competed for the ball in the air as Hakimi crossed from the right flank. En-Nesiri attempted a header, but was struck in the neck by Petkovic’s elbow, knocking him down. The Moroccan players claimed a penalty kick, but the referee did not call a foul. Even after the game was over, the Moroccan players rushed to the referee and expressed their dissatisfaction. In particular, Hakimi ran wildly at the referee, and Morocco’s teammates as well as coach Lakraki calmed Hakimi down.토토

As soon as Hakimi exited the tunnel after the game, he ran into President Infantino, who was moving to the field for the awards ceremony. Afterwards, Hakimi strongly protested to Chairman Infantino.

Kukukaslan, a commentator for Swedish broadcaster SVT, who watched the situation at the time, said, “FIFA asked the reporters to remove the photos and videos of Hakimi protesting against the President Infantino. did,” he said.

Another commentator, Tom Eggbus, said, “Hakimi was right in front of President Infantino. The distance was only about 5 cm. Hakimi yelled at President Infantino about the referee’s decision.”

Hakimi said, “I’ve been very upset since the game. She apologizes for talking about the referee.”