Does the player bear the cost of transporting the horse? Controversy over the decision of the Equestrian Association… Currently accepting 0

Ahead of the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG), the national equestrian team players were struck by lightning. If you do not have money, you will have to return the Taegeuk mark. 

The Korea Equestrian Association notified the nine national team players who recently won the right to participate in Hangzhou AG that they must pay for the expenses necessary for the competition, such as transporting horses and running the stables, before they can compete. It is said to be worth at least 100 million won. This is unprecedented.

An official from the association said in a phone call with this magazine on the 18th, “This is a matter for the resolution of the board of directors held on the 15th. budget is tight There were objections, but in the end, as is known, the player decided to pay his own money and participate in the tournament.” 

The budget required for the equestrian team to play Hangzhou AG is known to be about 1.3 billion won. It is more than double the amount of the previous competition (Jakarta-Palembang). 
The Hangzhou AG Organizing Committee (Organizing Committee) did not allow the transportation of horses directly to Hangzhou from Asian countries such as Korea and Japan due to quarantine reasons. As the organizers entrusted the transportation of the horses to a German agency (Feden Bloodstock), they had no choice but to use the Europe-Hangzhou route. This means that horses must be moved to Europe first. cost will inevitably increase. 

The association complains of financial difficulties. In 2017, when Choi Seo-won (renamed Choi Soon-sil) was involved in the manipulation of government affairs, allegations that his daughter Jeong Yu-ra received preferential treatment from associations and companies arose, and then support from large corporations was almost cut off. The Jakarta-Palembang tournament also had a budget shortage, so after receiving approval from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the association’s funds were used to send the national team. 

Even considering this circumstance, the decision of the board of directors is causing public outrage. This is because it is no different from buying a Taegeuk mark with money. If the currently qualified athlete withdraws from the competition, the athlete who has fallen in each event (dressage, obstacle) in the selection event will be given the right to choose. 

In April, the association issued a statement expressing concern over the regulations related to equestrian transport procedures in Hangzhou AG, saying, “We are discussing a plan to withdraw from the competition or reduce the number of dispatched athletes.” However, in the end, he made an unreasonable decision to ask the player to pay his own expenses. Regarding this, the association said, “We had to make sure that the players who had prepared for many years could go out in the tournament no matter what.” 카지노사이트

The final entry registration for equestrian event AG is on the 24th. Currently, national team members must inform the association of their intention to participate by the 19th. As of the morning of the 18th, there was no player willing to participate at their own expense. 

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