Dominican boy out of Severino WBC after Castillo after Yankees

Luis Severino has been banned from the WBC.

Hector Gomes, a major league reporter from the Dominican Republic, said on social media on the 3rd (Korean time), “Severino, the starting pitcher, was not allowed to play in the Dominican Republic at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) because New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman did not allow it. I don’t pitch for it,” he said.

Severino, who made his major league debut with the Yankees in 2015, has been unable to escape from the injury nightmare since the 2019 season. He was unable to play his first game of the season until the second half of the 2019 season due to an injury. He started 3 games and finished the season with 1 win, 1 loss, 2 runs earned (2 earned) in 12 innings, and an earned run average of 1.50.

However, he felt pain in his elbow while 온라인바카라 preparing for the 2020 season, and after tests, he decided to undergo Tommy John surgery. Ultimately, he missed the entire 2020 season. Then, in the 2021 season, he complained of groin pain while pitching in a single A game. During his rehabilitation, the injury recurred and he returned only in September. Severino pitched in relief in 4 games in the 2021 season and finished the season without a run in 6 innings with 1 win and 1 hold.

Last season, he played an active role as a starting pitcher without injury in the first half. However, he was placed on the injured list after being knocked out early in July. He subsequently returned to action in September. His season performance was 7 wins, 3 losses in 19 starts, 37 runs (36 earned) in 102 innings, and an earned run average of 3.18.

After Severino struggled with injuries each season, General Manager Cashman prevented Severino from competing in the WBC. Ultimately, Severino was banned from playing in the Dominican Republic at the WBC.

Severino became the second player from the Dominican Republic to miss the WBC. Luis Castillo (Seattle Mariners) is also absent. Seattle president Jerry Dipoto said on the 2nd, “Castillo is not participating in the WBC.”

Currently, the Dominican Republic has taken an emergency to build a national team roster. Of the 50 players on the preliminary list, 18 were rejected by their respective teams. It was not clear which players were denied selection, but two did not appear. It is likely that more players will miss the WBC.

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