Don’t be afraid to make mistakes” Kang Baek-ho Baek Ji-hoon

ogyejung Baek Ji-hun (190cm, 3rd grade) is a basketball beginner who has walked the path of a full-fledged elite player in less than half a year.

Baek Ji-hoon, who made his debut in elite basketball through the ‘2022 Good Together Level UP Basketball Championship’ held in November 2022, told a basketball official who observed the tournament, “Of the players participating in the tournament, he has the best flexibility and body balance. The wingspan is long compared to his height. The center of gravity movement is natural. The feeling at the fingertips is good. He is a player with a desire to teach.” 스포츠토토

Baek Ji-hoon said, “When I was in the 6th grade of elementary school, I was invited to play basketball because I was tall, so I grabbed a basketball for the first time at the club. Then, I learned from teacher Seung-gyun Choo and started playing basketball at Hogye Middle School when he told me how to play elite basketball. Basketball The fact that there was something thrilling in my head while doing it also played a part.”

He started playing basketball with expectations, but the first hurdle he had to overcome as a player was his 97kg weight and physical strength.

“My knees and ankles hurt even with a little exercise. I had to maintain good posture, but it didn’t work out because I was overweight. The advice was my strength. Coach Dae-hyun Cheon’s guidance is the top priority, so he said that trusting and following is the right attitude as an athlete. I’m still lacking, but I recently went on a diet up to 84kg, “he explained the difficult process.

He also said, “Since I’m still at the beginning, everything is difficult. I’m worried that my physical strength is still at the bottom, but other than that, I’m most confused about my position on the court, which changes depending on the position of the ball. Depending on where I am as a center, the position of my teammates “My coach kept telling me every team training that it’s important because it affects me in real time. It’s a burden that the team could lose because of my movements. I want to overcome it quickly through winter training.”

Baek Ji-hoon chose Jemulpo High School Min-gyo Gu (195cm, 3rd year) as the player he wants to be like.

Baek Ji-hoon said, “First of all, he has a great physique. I heard that he is a powerful player since elementary school. I want to learn the boldness to score goals in difficult situations. I was impressed by the way he won the tournament. I want to stick with him with the mindset of meeting him and learning from him, but I feel regretful and fortunate that I can only meet him in a practice match before becoming a college student due to the 3-year gap. I’m tired just imagining that there is,” he said, showing his enthusiasm.

Coach Hogyejoong Cheon Dae-hyeon said, “Because I am the tallest on the team, I play as a forward or center. I do not have much experience yet, so I have the disadvantage of being able to select a position to catch the ball and narrow my field of vision after catching it. I feel apologetic for not overly entrusting the responsibility of guarding the fierce goal with a short power, but I believe that Ji-hoon will understand because I do not have enough time as I started late. will grow,” he said.

He continued, “When the will is weak, the opponent seeks the gap. Don’t be afraid of mistakes, and when you go out on the court, focus on block shots and steals using your wingspan and push your opponent with confident play.” We talked about the pros and cons of

Upon hearing the news of the interview, Choo Seung-kyun, CEO of Chuz Basketball, said, “When I first saw it, the wrist snap was especially noticeable compared to the other kids in the club. He also liked the attitude of learning sports, so I saw the potential and recommended elite basketball. Even though the club and the elite are very different, It’s nice to hear that he’s adapting well. As physical growth directly affects mental growth, I hope you continue to do physical training. I’ll be watching with interest.”

Teammate Heo Geon-woo (185cm, 3rd year) also said, “(Baek) Ji-hoon showed an active personality enough to adapt to the team atmosphere after 3 days of joining the basketball team. But in the game, he protects the team from rebounds and block shots, and when the team loses or the atmosphere is down due to difficulties, he revives the atmosphere with a pleasant humor. I am grateful for showing a reliable image as the eldest brother. If there are difficulties, we talk to each other and win. I want to continue my relationship as a basketball player on the same team in high school.”

Lastly, Baek Ji-hoon concluded the interview with a promise to show his will through results rather than words, and asking to see if he is keeping the contents of his interview in the first tournament in March.

On the other hand, Hogye Middle School, which Baek Ji-hoon belongs to, is scheduled to begin the final hardening of winter training at Stove League in Jeju Island in February.

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