Fans anger at Heungkuk Life Insurance for ‘hardening the manager’… “Happiness volleyball” cheer for the players

After Heungkuk Life Insurance suddenly sacked its manager, it played its first game today (5th). The fans were angry with the club, but they cheered more passionately for the players who had done their best so far.

Reporter Haeun Choi heard the story herself. 토토사이트


Two hours before the start of the game, pickets shouting ‘Happiness Volleyball’ were spread out in the stands.

It also contained voices cheering and supporting the players.

It was self-produced by fans who were angry at the club’s decision to kick out the manager who led the team to second place, but they said they prepared it themselves because they couldn’t pick up the picket given by Heungkuk Life Insurance.

[Lee Jeong-seon/Gwangju City, Gyeonggi-do: I was really angry. Anyway, that’s why I didn’t want to come to see you today… ]

[Hyejin Jang/Magok-dong, Seoul: I was so disappointed. Unilateral notification to players and supporters? That’s a bit of a pity.]

There was no smile on Kim Yeon-kyung’s face the whole time she was warming up on her coat and working together with her colleagues. 메이저놀이터

In the chaos she encountered while chasing the lead, her enteritis symptoms combined with poor physical condition, but she returned to the training ground and stood calmly in front of the home fans.