Fantastic FK debut goal → multi-goal in 22 minutes…’GOAT’ Messi’s influence! Miami leads 3-0 lead + 2 consecutive wins for the first time in history

Lionel Messi is already showing off his tremendous presence.

Inter Miami won 4-0 against Atlanta United in the second leg of Group 3 of the 2023 Leagues Cup group stage held at DRV PNK Stadium in Florida, USA at 8:40 am (Korean time) on the 26th. With this, Inter Miami is at the top of the group (6 points) with two wins.바카라

On this day, Inter Miami operated a 4-3-3 formation. Taylor, Martinez, and Messi were up front, and Cremaschi, Busquets, and Arroyo formed the midfield. Alan, Miller, Krivthorpe, and Yedlin were paired in the back four, with Calendar in goal. Atlanta featured Giacowmakis, Almada, Sosa, and Lennon.

Inter Miami scored the first goal in the early hours. In the 8th minute of the first half, a pass from the back was connected to Messi. Messi calmly shook the net in a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper. Inter Miami, who took the lead, raised the momentum. Eventually, an extra goal was scored. In the 22nd minute of the first half, Messi, who did not miss Taylor’s cutback, finished it.

Inter Miami widened the gap even more. In the 44th minute of the first half, the ball given by Messi was received by Taylor through Cremasch, leading to a goal. Inter Miami, who widened the gap by three goals in the first half alone, put a wedge into the game in the 8th minute of the second half. Taylor, who received Messi’s sharp penetrating pass, completed a multi-goal.

Messi’s performance was dazzling. Messi recently joined Inter Miami. He came from the Barcelona youth academy and has been active in the first team since 2004. Since then, he has grown into an ace in the team while performing outstandingly, and at the same time reigned as a symbolic presence of the club.

However, he left Barcelona abruptly after his contract renewal two years ago did not go smoothly. Messi even shed tears at the press conference. After that, he continued to play for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). In his first 26 appearances in the French Ligue 1, he recorded 6 goals and 14 assists. After adapting, he showed his best performance again last season.

Messi scored 16 goals and 16 assists in 32 league games. He took 1 offensive point per game. And after the season ended, I ended my accompaniment with PSG. Since then, several destination candidates have been discussed. A return to Barcelona and a transfer to Saudi Arabia Al-Hilal are known as possible scenarios.

Barcelona’s president Juan Laporta and coach Xavi Hernandez publicly wanted to recruit him, and it was reported that he actually met with Messi and persuaded him. Al-Hilal, who has enormous oil capital, presented Messi with an unprecedented offer of 400 million euros (approximately 565.1 billion won) per year.

Messi is said to have wanted to return to Barcelona. But structurally, it wasn’t easy. In order to recruit Messi, players had to be released or their salaries cut. When the situation became complicated, Messi expressed his intention not to return to Barcelona, ​​saying, “I didn’t want to put my future in someone else’s hands like I did two years ago.”

In the end, I was transferred to a third team. That team is Inter Miami of the American Major League Soccer (MLS). Previously, the US’Miami Herald’ said in early June, “Messi is moving to Inter Miami. The contract period is 2 years and 6 months. Up to $ 150 million (approximately 191.2 billion won), including salary, bonuses, and team shares. ) will be,” he said.

Inter Miami also posted several posts that seemed to imply Messi’s joining through the club’s official channels. However, the official announcement did not come out right away, and the work necessary for the transfer was carried out first. And finally, the official appeared.

Inter Miami announced on the club website on the 16th, “We have signed Messi, a 7-time Valdon d’Or winner and World Cup winner. He will join the team within a few days. The contract period runs until 2025.” Currently, Inter Miami is in the bottom of the MLS Eastern Conference with 5 wins, 3 draws and 14 losses while the 2023 season is underway.

Messi, who joined these teams, is quickly showing his presence. Messi made his debut on the 22nd in the first leg of the Leagues Cup group stage against Cruz Alasul. At the time, Messi was substituted in the 9th minute of the second half when the team was leading 1-0.

However, Inter Miami conceded an equalizer shortly after. In the 20th minute of the second half, Cruz Azul scored a goal and the score continued to be 1-1. Just as the match was about to end in a draw without being able to keep the lead, Messi’s magic came into play.

Messi took the free kick kicker from the front of the penalty box in the 4th minute of extra time in the second half. Messi kicked the ball right into the corner of the goal. This goal was the winning goal. Thanks to Messi’s performance, who scored his debut goal in his debut match, Inter Miami won the first game of the Leagues Cup. Also, since the beginning of June, the chain of draws that had been going on for 6 games (3 draws and 3 losses) was broken.

Messi’s magic did not end here. Messi’s toes shone in two consecutive games. In this game, Messi led Inter Miami’s winning streak with two goals and one assist. Also, according to the American ‘Bleacherport Football’, this was the first time Inter Miami had a 3-0 halftime lead in history. It is already playing a central role in rewriting the history of the club.

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