“Finally coordinated with the club” Kim Min-jae of fighting spirit returns to Naples, departs on the 15th

 Fighting spirit Kim Min-jae (Naples) returns to Italy.

Kim Min-jae’s agency said on the 14th, “Belated coordination with the club has now been confirmed.” Kim Min-jae heads to Naples via Istanbul, Turkey.

Kim Min-jae, who has grown into a world-class center back, gifted Korea advance to the round of 16 in his first World Cup. The fighting spirit of ‘human victory’ engulfed the ground.

As he digested his murderous schedule in Naples, he noticed a ‘failure signal’ in his right calf muscle. He was eventually knocked out of the World Cup.

Kim Min-jae played full-time in the first game against Uruguay, but before the second game against Ghana, he could not complete his normal training even once. However, the strong will of his Taegeuk mark could not stop him. He also started against Ghana and played 96 minutes. 토토

However, in the final match against Portugal in the group stage, he reached his limits to the extent that he could not even relax. He was put on hold at the end, but he went ahead with his round of 16 appearance against Brazil.

It wasn’t until after the match against Brazil that Kim Min-jae said, “I had pain, but I endured it and ran.” Kim Min-jae’s World Cup challenge has just begun. He said, “I felt that every game is not easy. It was my first tournament, and it was a good experience. I have to find areas to improve. When I return to the team, I must not make mistakes, and I will emphasize what I did well so that I can do well. It gave me an opportunity to develop,” he said.

Love calls from ‘big clubs’ are pouring in for Kim Min-jae, who is doing his best in Naples. He looks forward to tomorrow more than today.

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