Frequent ‘determination’ is tiring… When will Eui-ri Lee take off the label of ‘perverted with ten bases’ 

 Among baseball fans, there is a slang called ‘Pervert with full bases’. A phrase used whenever a pitcher puts the bases loaded with runners on and blocks the inning with a scoreless run. It is a situation that can feel thrilling for the pitcher who prevents the moment of crisis, but from the point of view of the watching fan, it is a situation that has no choice but to watch with a tight heart.

Eui-ri Lee (21) of the KIA Tigers is a representative player who is called a ‘pervert with full bases’ among fans. A strikeout show with a powerful fastball that spanned 150km, and in an instant, the ball swayed, causing a crisis with a full base, and as it became more frequent to block this with a scoreless run, the tag was attached. 메이저놀이터

Eui-ri Lee, who debuted in the KBO League in the 2021 season, has a career batting average of 2.26 with runners. However, his batting average with bases loaded was 10.5 4. Bases full situation Out of 39 plate appearances with bases loaded, only one was allowed a long hit with more than two bases. He gave up 3 walks while striking out 17. The modifier ‘perverted with bases’ was not attached for nothing.

Eui-ri Lee said, “I seem to become very desperate and concentrate a lot in a situation with bases full. That’s why seniors say, ‘Even in normal times, throw with the idea that the bases are loaded safely.'”

On the 25th, Kia Champions Field in Gwangju. Lee Eui-ri, who started against the NC Dinos, twice brought himself into a bases loaded crisis. He got off to a fresh start with a three-and-out in the first inning, but piled up runners with hits and walks in the top of the second inning. He seemed to overcome the crisis by striking out, but faced a crisis with the bases loaded when another walk came out. Lee Eui-ri used a breaking ball that bent from the body in the match against Do Tae-hoon, but the referee made a gesture that said, “I got hit by the body,” leading to a conceded point. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk appealed by making an elbow gesture, but the situation did not reverse. Lee Eui-ri finished the inning by treating Park Se-hyeok with a double hit at shortstop.

In the beginning of the 4th inning, Eui-ri Lee faced another crisis with a hit-strike-hit-fly-ball-walk. With the bases loaded with 2 outs, Cheon Jae-hwan, who was facing the opponent, induces a ground ball and the result is scoreless. However, the number of pitches has already increased to 87. With the mound scheduled for the end of the weekend’s three-game series, the KIA bench moved under the judgment that the number of pitches could no longer be increased, and Lee Eui-ri came down the mound like that.

The result of the NC match was 4 innings and 1 run. KIA and Eui-ri Lee are both laughable results. When will Lee Eui-ri shed the undesirable label of ‘perverted to full base’?

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