Geunho Lee, who became a ’38-year-old father’, powdered milk buff “Daegu 3rd year, I have the strength to run one step further!”

“‘Milk Powder Buff’ I will run vigorously this year with the image of a proud father.”

Lee Geun-ho (38, Daegu FC), ‘Legend striker active in Korea’, finally became a father on the 16th. He married his beautiful wife, Lee Su-ji (32), in November 2016, and after 7 years of marriage, he had a precious son who would not hurt even if he put it in his eyes.스포츠토토

During the secondary battery training in Kagoshima, with the consideration of Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon and the team, Lee Geun-ho was able to keep the ‘birth of a second generation’ site with his family. Lee Geun-ho directly reported the news of his birth through his SNS. “On the 16th, Dongdongi, a very precious child, appeared in the world with loud cries. A lot of people have supported me, and thank you so much. It’s a moment when everything in the world seems happy. I will run vigorously this year with the image of a proud father.”After coming to Daegu from Ulsan in 2021, Lee Geun-ho, who has already been in his third year, is ‘vice-captain’. A veteran team was formed with captain Sejingya and vice-captain goalkeeper Oh Seung-hun. Lee Geun-ho said, “Sejingya has experienced the K-League for a long time. Not to mention his skills, he is a foreign player, but he is well aware of the cultural part that everyone has to do hard work together. Always sacrifice, understand… Really good player, respectable. He is a worthy player. Young players have a lot to learn from him,” he praised. He explained, “(Oh) Seung-hoon and I will play the role of a link between the coach and the players, helping Sejingya communicate and supporting the coaching staff.” “Director Choi, a former head coach, knows the players better than anyone else and takes care of them, but he has a style where there is no compromise at all when it comes to training,” he said. “There is football that we pursue, and there is a firm philosophy. Because he always makes reasonable demands while communicating with senior players, the players trust and follow him,” he added.

The most difficult thing for players who need skill and effort as well as stamina and luck is to do ‘long’ and ‘well’. Lee Geun-ho, who made his professional debut in Incheon in 2005 and has already reached his 19th year, is a role model and a path for young players in Daegu who are just starting their professional careers and juniors in their 30s. Regarding the renewal of the contract with Lee Geun-ho, Daegu President Jo Gwang-rae said, “I will challenge until I can compete with my juniors, and if that does not work, I will not do it myself. I thought I could challenge enough this year.” is a player who always believes,” he expressed firm trust. Hong Cheol, a junior in the national team fullback, also expressed his feelings, saying, “Keun-ho is a senior who sets an example for the juniors, and a senior who gives me the goal of being able to play more.” He smiled broadly, saying, “It is a great source of strength for juniors both inside and outside the stadium. Do this until next year and fill it up to 40 at the Korean age.”

Lee Keun-ho said, “I am grateful that I can add another year, one year. I am grateful to the Daegu club. I was wondering if I could do it for a year since I first came, but it is already the third year. This year, I will play my role and help the team. I will do my best to become a player.” Park Joo-young (Ulsan), Kang Min-soo (Jeonnam), and Kim Chang-soo (Cheonan), who continue to challenge themselves in the new season, give each other great strength just by looking at each other. “We are always cheering each other on so that we can run well without getting hurt,” he said with a laugh.

Daegu FC’s goal for the new season set by ‘Vice-captain’ Lee Geun-ho is the top division. Veteran Lee Geun-ho, who had been competing for the championship in Jeonbuk and Ulsan all along, experienced a ‘relegation war’ for the first time in his life last year. A time of hell that I don’t want to taste again. The Daegu team came together throughout the winter with the determination to never shed tears or make fans cry like last year. Lee Keun-ho was confident, “First of all, my goal is to compete in the top split. If I fight as a ‘team’ called Daegu, I can do it.” He said, “Se Jingya quickly joined the winter training this year. Edgar is back, and the midfielders such as Hong Jeong-woon and Kim Jin-hyeok are also good.” I also pin my hopes on the ‘young guns’ with twinkling eyes. “I think the new defender (Kim) Kang San will also do well. I also look forward to (Kim) Young-jun, who scored many goals in practice matches. I will cheer you on.” “The team called Daegu is stronger when they are together. There are more players who ‘combine’ than ‘bouncing’ players. Thanks to this, we did not split up last year and came together to overcome the crisis,” he said. “Everyone prepared a lot this year. It feels good,” he said, expressing his anticipation.

I asked the 38-year-old veteran striker his personal goal, an ‘active legend’ who is recording 78 goals and 52 assists in 358 K-League games. He said with strength, “I have to finish the season well without injury and add points.” The striker speaks the goal. The new season has a more powerful energy source than any other tonic in the world. The birth of ‘Keunho Junior’. Lee Geun-ho pledged to fight in the name of his father. “Now that you’re a father, you’ll have the strength to take another step forward.”

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