“Haeyoung is strong only when he is behind” 2-point ERA recovery… 73SV Tigers new history, closer return imminent

“Haeyoung gets stronger when she goes backwards”.

KIA Tigers 73-save pitcher Jeong Hae-young (21) is expected to return as a closer starting in the second half. Manager Kim Jong-guk foretold a return to the original era, saying, “It’s getting better. Hae-yeong has to be at the back to make the team stronger.” For the first time in Tigers history, the closer who won 30 saves for two consecutive years is returning to his original position.온라인바카라

Suddenly, from the spring camp in February, his pitch did not improve, so he could not play his part from the opening. Average speed dropped from 145 km to 140 km. When he got on the mound, he allowed correct hits and produced an uneasy look. It was his first ordeal after four years of joining the club. In the end, on May 29, he fell out of the first team entry and was readjusted by the Futures team.

He devoted himself to lower body balance exercises in the rehabilitation group and improved his pitch through Futures practice. Under the guidance of Future Team coach Son Seung-rak, who recorded 271 saves in his career, he regained his position and returned on the 2nd. He was homecoming after 34 days. Instead, the position was not a closer. He pitched behind the starting pitcher and pitched one inning.

It was director Kim Jong-guk’s consideration for a soft landing. Since his return, he has appeared in three games and pitched three scoreless innings. He pitched 1 perfect inning against Jamsil LG on the 2nd, and scored 2 hits against Incheon SSG on the 6th, but did not give up any runs. On the 8th, against KT in Suwon, he won a hold with 1 hit, 1 strikeout, and no runs.

It was definitely an improved pitch. He also recovered an average speed of 145 km. He regained the power of his old fastball with good rotational power. His breaking pitches have also become sharper, and his use rate has also increased. The unique pinpoint system also stood out. He is regaining his former closer with confident pitching. His earned run average also recovered to the 2-point range (2.95).

Currently, KIA is operating a collective finishing system. Among them, Jang Hyun-sik, Lim Ki-young, Jeon Sang-hyun, Lee Jun-young, and Choi Ji-min are used depending on the situation. Originally, left-hander Choi Ji-min, who has the best pitching, was placed in the back, but he seems to feel the pressure, so he is re-appointed in the front. Instead, he has Jang Hyeon-sik and Jeon Sang-hyeon behind him.

That’s why the burden of finishing positions is great. In the end, the best solution is for Jung Hae-young to return as a closer. Manager Kim said, “I use the finishing pitcher according to the situation. I appointed Jimin at the back, but I can see the psychological burden. So I sent Hyunshik and Sanghyeon to the back. If a team that is weak to Jimin, such as a left-handed batter, can go behind.” said.

At the same time, Jung Hae-young’s original return was predicted. “Haeyoung is getting better as well. If he throws one or two more times and gets better, he will go back. Like last year and the year before last, the team will become stronger when Haeyoung does from behind. If the other bullpen pitchers do well, we will have better results in the second half.” did. Jung Hae-young’s final comeback is imminent.

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