Heungkuk Life Insurance Lee Joo-ah 20 points ‘lively’, Kang So-hui 3rd meeting with GS Caltex to wipe out vacancies

Teams of different joys and sorrows meet again. Will a surprise happen? 

On the 20th, the third match of the season between Heungkuk Life Insurance and GS Caltex will be held in the 3rd round women’s match of the ‘2022-23 season Dodram V-League’ held at Incheon Samsan Gymnasium. 

On the 17th, the previous game, Heungkuk Life Insurance, who played against KGC Ginseng Corporation, fired fire with middle blocker Lee Joo-ah scoring 20 points while Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena’s double performance remained unchanged.

Lee Joo-ah scored 8 of the 20 points with a moving attack and 9 points with a quick attack. It was a performance that stood out as a spear rather than a shield. He broke through the opponent’s blocking without hesitation and achieved the highest attack success rate of 70.37% in the team. 

Dasol Kim’s ball distribution was also good. He made good use of the height of Kim Yeon-kyung, who is always a stable scorer, and scored 19 points, including 12 points in the quick open and 2 points in the open. In addition, Kim Yeon-kyung scored 3 points only by blocking. 

Head coach Kwon Soon-chan also expressed great satisfaction with Joo-ah’s performance. After the game, coach Kwon expressed praise, saying, “(Lee) Joo-ah would like to do it like today.” 

Of course, Lee Joo-ah wasn’t the only one who did well on this day. Even before that, he often drew the atmosphere with clutch fast attacks in the midfield. The fact that his breathing with Kim Da-sol is particularly well suited also supports his compliant attack. 

As coach Kwon said, if the strikers perform as well as they did today, it will become a scary and uncomfortable team for the opposing team. 안전놀이터

On the other hand, GS Caltex barely broke a losing streak against KGC Ginseng Corporation on the 3rd, but fell into an out of control three-game losing streak again. However, in the second round, against Hyundai E&C and IBK Industrial Bank, they fought a full set of bloody battles, bringing one victory point each.

Still, defeat is defeat, and in order to rise to the middle ranks of 3rd and 4th, MoMA alone is not enough. 

GS Caltex was defeated with a set score of 1-3 in the previous match, the 3rd round of Hyundai Engineering & Construction on the 15th. MoMA fought alone with a whopping 41 points (attack success rate 49.33%), but the domestic team stumbled. Yoo Seo-yeon and Moon Ji-yoon scored 8 points each and stopped. 

One notable thing is that each team’s ace is missing one by one. Yang Hyo-jin was absent due to the confirmation of Corona 19, and Kang So-hui could not come out due to a shoulder injury.

However, Hyundai E&C filled Yang Hyo-jin’s empty spot with Hwang Min-kyung and Na Hyun-soo with 18 points and 10 points, respectively. On the other hand, GS Caltex was not prepared for Kang So-hui’s vacant position. Existing outside hitter Kwon Min-ji moved to middle blocker for a while and showed good performance, but could not prevent the team from losing. The team blocking record was also pushed back to 15-9 at the time of Hyundai Engineering & Construction.

Director Cha Sang-hyun is waiting for Kang So-hui, who is currently absent due to shoulder pain, to make a comeback. However, his return is undecided. It is unknown whether he will return to deal with Kim Yeon-kyung on the 20th or not after that. 

Director Cha directly expressed his feelings, saying, “It’s frustrating.” He cannot just leave everything on the shoulders of his mother. 

From the standpoint of GS Caltex, who took four days off, in reality, they have no choice but to put their hopes on their stamina. Heungkuk Life Insurance takes only two days off to play.