Hot KT, ask Hwang Jae-gyun… Two months in a row after returning from injury, ‘fire bat’

The hottest team in professional baseball recently is KT Wiz. At the beginning of June, KT, which was at the bottom with a win-loss margin of ‘-13’, had an overwhelming record of 34 wins and 15 losses (0.694) since June. After two months, it jumped to a position where it could aim for second place with a win-loss margin of ‘+6’.

KT is showing perfect results in both pitching, but among them, veteran infielder Hwang Jae-gyun (36) is worth noting. This is because the timing of Hwang Jae-gyun’s return from injury and KT’s rebound coincided exactly.

Hwang Jae-kyun suffered a micro-fracture of the second toe of his left foot in May and was sidelined for about a month. At this time, KT struggled by hitting the bottom.안전놀이터

And the point of return was on June 3, and Hwang Jae-gyun, who returned, swung hard every day, and from this time KT began to draw an upward curve.

Hwang Jae-kyun has hit 3 homers and 25 RBIs with a batting average of 0.353 in 48 games since his return. He did not produce as many home runs as he used to, but his long hitting ability, including 15 doubles, was still there, and he consistently made chances by hitting the base.

KT’s main hitter, Kang Baek-ho, has been missing most of the season since June, and last year’s home run king, Park Byeong-ho, also had poor results in June and July. Even considering that they have a solid starting lineup, it can be seen that Hwang Jae-gyun, who supported the batting line, played a very large part in the current uptrend.

Hwang Jae-gyun, who had a short pause in July, is wielding a strong blow again in the second half.

His batting average in 16 games in the second half was 0.393, following Koo Ja-wook (Samsung, 0.433) and Na Seong-beom (KIA, 0.404).

He gave up a hit in all seven games and had an RBI in six of these games. In the match against the Hanwha Eagles on the 8th, he showed off his hopelessness with 4 hits in 5 at-bats, 3 points and 2 RBIs.

KT is showing an outstanding force with 13 wins and 3 losses (0.813) in 16 games in the second half. Only in the second half, the win-loss margin recorded ‘+10’ and went up to 4th place. It entered the visual field by 1 league difference in win rate with 3rd place NC without a ride and 3 games difference with 2nd place SSG.

Of course, the fact that the team is the strongest in the league for two months cannot be achieved by just one person. However, Hwang Jae-kyun played a big role at the same time as returning from injury, leading the team’s rebound. KT, where veterans are setting an example, is creating synergy with young players such as Lee Ho-yeon, Ahn Chi-young, and Oh Yoon-seok.

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