How Long is a Soccer Game?

The length of soccer games varies by the league and by a series of other conditions that can add to or shorten the length of the game.

Soccer games entail two halves. Each half is 45 minutes long, with a 15-minute break between them. However, soccer games rarely last just 105 minutes. Many things can slow down the play of a soccer game.

Soccer players are famous for their celebrations and antics on the field 토토사이트 . The longest competitive soccer game could have been in 1922. The match was between Nurnberg and Hamburger in the German Championship. It lasted 189 minutes and resulted in a 2-2 tie before the sun went down.

An interesting fact about soccer is that the clock counts up rather than down. Most sports have the clock running down to zero to signal the end of a period. Since the clock never stops in soccer, having it count up instead of down makes more sense.

Soccer Game Lengths by League
The age of the players and their skill level helps dictate the speed of a game. Also, different levels have different half lengths, and very young players play quarters. While the clock never stops, time is added to compensate for certain circumstances.

So, while a pro-level game is technically 105 minutes, it may easily last 15 to 45 minutes longer. Here are the varying game lengths by league:

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