Hundreds of people gathered despite worrying about the last train… ‘Wolcle’ Min-jae Kim’s ‘Late Night Signing Event’

10 p.m. Incheon International Airport Terminal 1. It’s time to worry about the last train, but the passion of the fans who support Kim Min-jae could not be stopped. Even late at night, more than 100 people flocked to the departure hall of the airport to warmly welcome Kim Min-jae, who was leaving the country that day. 

Kim Min-jae returns to his team Napoli through Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport at 0:15 am on the 15th. His team, Napoli, is preparing to resume the league by leaving for Turkiye, where it is undergoing field training. 

Kim Min-jae’s departure time is midnight. But two hours ago, the airport had already started to stir. Fans gathered in groups of threes and threes in front of the doorway where Kim Min-jae was scheduled to enter, took their seats on both sides in an orderly manner and waited for his appearance.  스포츠토토

The number of people gathered at a little past 10 pm seemed to exceed 100 people. I waited for Kim Min-jae’s national team uniform, Napoli uniform, papers, etc., and waited for him to come in with a smartphone in my other hand to take a picture of Kim Min-jae. 

Eventually, when Kim Min-jae came in, Incheon International Airport Terminal 1’s entrance 5 started to shake. Every time he moved step by step for his departure procedure and interview, countless fans gathered around him and tried to take pictures of him. 

Kim Min-jae was also surprised by such a large number of farewell crowds. Kim Min-jae, who held a press conference afterwards, said, “It seems that interest has grown a lot. Thank you very much,” he said, thanking the fans who came to the airport late at night. 

After finishing the press conference that lasted about 10 minutes, Kim Min-jae signed autographs for fans one by one before entering the departure hall and had fan service time. Fans also lined up in an orderly line and waited for Kim Min-jae’s autograph, and Kim Min-jae signed autographs for all the fans who were waiting for him and entered his departure gate. 

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jae joins his team Napoli and prepares for the league to resume. Kim Min-jae said, “The condition of my calves has definitely improved compared to the World Cup. He said, “I have to rebuild my body because I took a break from exercise.” When talking about winning, he said, “It’s early, but my colleagues are doing well now, and if I match the quality of my colleagues naturally, I can win. The goal is to win,” he said. 

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