Hwang Jun-seo Son Hyun-ki? There is also Lee Hyun-wook, a left-handed fireballer.

While the weekend league in the first half of the 2023 high school baseball is heading to its end, news is being delivered that good prospects are showing up in each place.

In particular, this year, a large number of good pitchers have been produced, and only pitchers who can run more than 150 km in the first or second rounds can be nominated. Masan Yongma High School Jang Hyeon-seok and Jangchung High School Hwang Jun-seo have already been recognized for their skills to the extent that they are ranked number one in the right-hander/left-hander rankings, respectively, and their names have already been mentioned several times.

In addition to the left-handed fireballers
Hwang Jun-seo, Son Hyun-ki, and Jo Dong-wook, who are said to be brought from hell, there is also Bukil High School Lee Hyun-wook.

Right-handed pitchers are mostly interested, but among left-handed pitchers, talented people who are considered to be of a high level stand out in various places. In addition to Hwang Jun-seo, fellow teammate Jo Dong-wook is 190cm tall and has a superb ball tip, and Jeonju ace Son Hyeon-ki is also performing quite well. First of all, these three seem to be one step ahead among left-handed pitchers.

However, there is one more left-handed prospect who has yet to appear. Cheonan Bukil High School ace Lee Hyeon-wook (18) is the main character. Lee Hyun-wook, who quickly became a pillar of Bukil High School with the transfer of Kim Hwi-gun (Whimoon High School), has already been introduced in this magazine as a U-13 Little League World Series winning member. Since last year, he has been active as the ace of North Japan, boasting a fast ball speed of up to 144 km. Above all, he has the advantage that his pitching form is clean and the tip of the ball is heavy, so that even first-class hitters cannot easily touch him.

Such Lee Hyun-wook has not yet been able to play in the weekend league even though the season has begun. When asked why, Lee Hyun-wook calmly explained his current condition, saying, “I got injured ahead of the E-Mart Cup and had to rehabilitate. I was in no hurry and couldn’t participate in the game because I was in a hurry.”메이저놀이터

As the 3rd grade ace was not put in, Bukil High School couldn’t make use of the momentum it had in last year’s E-Mart Cup championship. He dropped out rather early and was put in a pretty difficult situation. Lee Hyun-wook himself felt very sorry for this fact. It was because he thought that if his physical condition was good, Bukil High School would also get good results. That’s why the future has become more important.

Lee Hyun-wook said, “I am in good shape enough to pitch in the bullpen this weekend in the weekend league. The Golden Lion Tournament will be my first stage. I want to get on the mound quickly and prove that my physical condition has improved.” .

Although he was absent for a while due to injury, Lee Hyun-wook appeared in his first weekend league game, Daejeon Classic, pitching 1.2 innings, striking out 2 and not allowing a run. It remains to be seen whether this power can be seen in the Golden Lion. The affiliated team, Bukilgo, is currently recording 3 wins and 1 loss in Daejeon/Chungcheong, so they can aim for the regional championship.

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