I didn’t know that Kim Min-jae would do so well… Teams wanting to recruit lined up

Even if Kim Min-jae leaves the team, it is the argument that it is not the fault of President Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Kim Min-jae has been embroiled in transfer rumors since his season at Napoli. Manchester United is known to be the most active in recruiting Kim Min-jae, and in addition to Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have been mentioned as clubs that want Kim Min-jae. Napoli could lose their main defender in one season.안전놀이터

It is because of Kim Min-jae’s performance, or because of his performance. Kim Min-jae has not only become the core of the team since his first season, but also has performed outstandingly in the European football world beyond Italy’s Serie A. With the appearance of the monster center back, the eyes of the clubs who were trying to reinforce the center back turned to Kim Min-jae, and it was revealed that Kim Min-jae had a buyout clause valid from July 1 to 15, sparking rumors of Kim Min-jae’s transfer.

In particular, this buyout clause increases the possibility of Kim Min-jae’s transfer. Min-jae Kim’s buyout clause is limited to overseas clubs, and it is known that if you pay about 45 million euros (about 65 billion won), you can sit at the negotiating table with Min-jae Kim. This is not a high amount at all from the point of view of the clubs connected to Kim Min-jae, so Napoli fans are resentful of President Laurentis for inserting a low-price buyout clause at the time of signing the contract with Kim Min-jae.

Giancarlo Padovan of Calcio Mercato, an Italian media outlet, said it was not De Laurentiis’ fault. He said that even President De Laurentiis could not have imagined the picture of Kim Min-jae leaving the team after one season with a high level of performance right after joining.

Padovan told the Italian media ‘Radio Punto Nuovo’, “When Napoli set up a buyout clause when they recruited Kim Min-jae, no one would have thought that someone would really come with the money to recruit Kim Min-jae. I can’t blame the chairman,” he said, saying that no one would have predicted the current situation even when he signed a contract with Kim Min-jae.

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