‘I have already decided the answer, to you’… Heungkuk Life Insurance confirms renewal of contract with Yelena

Heungkuk Life Insurance decided to take the ‘extension line’ of the 22-23 season. On the other hand, the rest of the club managers who want new faces are in pain.

On the 12th (hereinafter Korean time), the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) held a schedule for the second day of the 2023 women’s foreign player tryout at Hasan Doan Sport Complex in Turkey, Istanbul.

The previous day, 31 people participated, and this day, 2 more people appeared on the court for a total of 33 people. Two male setters recruited locally joined the group. As if the players were relaxed, the toss was better than the first day, and their condition was clearly improved.

Excluding Heungkuk Life Insurance manager Abondanza, the other six team managers must decide on a new main gun. Heungkuk Life Insurance has already confirmed that it will accompany Yelena for the 23-24 season.

Among the foreign players who played in the 22-23 season, there are Moma (GS Caltex), Dali Santana (IBK Industrial Bank), Catbell (Korea Expressway Corporation), and Yelena (Heungkuk Life Insurance) who reapplied this season. However, among them, Yelena is the only foreigner whose contract with the club has been confirmed.

Manager Abondanza explained the background of the contract renewal, saying, “Yelena can grow and grow bigger.” He has already made up his mind and came to Turkey. Coach Abondanza, who joined from last February, evaluated that there was not enough time to introduce his own volleyball style. Based on the coverage of this magazine, it takes about 1 to 2 years to apply the ‘Abondanza style’ volleyball.

As a result, he showed his determination that this season will be different as early preparation is possible from off-season and there are changes in members. In particular, coach Abondanza expressed his aspirations, saying, “I strongly believe that the challenge to win the championship, which started as a member of the previous season, is not over.”

On the other hand, managers of other clubs have not yet made up their minds. IBK coach Kim Ho-cheol ordered a play to see the offensive power of Apposite Spiker on the field, and Pepper Savings Bank coach Aachen Kim did the same.

In particular, coach Kim Ho-cheol made a cold judgment, saying, “The player I saw well yesterday and the player I saw well today are a bit different.”

Yasmin at tryout, KOVO

Dalira Palma at tryout, KOVO

Hyundai E&C is still showing lingering feelings for Yasmin. Yasmin never returned last December after being taken off the court due to back pain during the Pepper Savings Bank game. However, Montaño, who was recruited as a substitute, left without being as powerful as Yasmin. I am constantly struggling between power and injury risk.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction coach Kang Seong-hyung expressed his grievance, saying, “I’m looking at offense, height, and strength, but now (the players in the tryout) can’t meet it.” He also mentioned about Yasmin, “I have a lot of worries because there is a risk of returning to my best condition.” Then, he confessed his frustration, “In terms of skill, there is no player like Yasmin. I want to take him like a chimney, but I’m worried about the risk.”

However, there are some players who stand out among them. This is Dalila Palma (Aposite Spiker, Cuba, 193cm), a striker who received favorable reviews over the 1st and 2nd days. In the preference survey before tryout, he ranked 10th, but the reality was different.카지노사이트

Palma showed an extraordinary sense of hitting on the court that day based on his hot offense and quick swing. After the evaluation match, he showed confidence, saying, “I’m not in 100% physical condition,” but “If I train normally, I’ll be able to show a better image than what I’m showing now.”

Meanwhile, due to local circumstances in Istanbul, the 2023 female foreign player draft will be held at 5:00 pm (11:00 pm Korean time).

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