“I hope Ramirez will take the punishment starting tomorrow” Toronto coach’s ‘true mind’

Toronto Blue Jays coach John Schneider revealed his true intentions (?).

Schneider was asked what he thought about the brawl that occurred during Cleveland’s game against the Chicago White Sox two days prior to an away game against the Cleveland Guardians at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio, USA on the 8th (Korean time).토토사이트

He said that he watched the scuffle, “I enjoyed watching it. He had good comments on the radio, and coach Francona’s comments after the match were also great.”

Two days ago, in a game between the White Sox and Cleveland, Cleveland hitter Jose Ramirez slid into second base and collided with opposing shortstop Tim Anderson.

Ramirez’s hook punch hit Anderson on the chin, and Anderson fell down and became a hot topic. In the past, the scene where Lugned Odor punched Jose Batista with his fist was recalled.

In an interview after the game, Cleveland coach Terry Francona was asked, “Have you seen Jose’s left hook?”, “It was a right hook. It wasn’t a fun scene, but where are the boys going?”

“I don’t want this to happen on the field, but as Francona says, men don’t go anywhere,” Schneider said. It happens sometimes,” he agreed with Francona.

As a minor league coach in the past, he had experience of being entangled in such scuffles several times, and he expressed his thoughts, saying, “Especially, it can happen if you deal with each other often for a short period of time.” He emphasized that it can happen, saying, “I try not to go to that point as much as possible, but sometimes it happens.”

Both teams were heavily punished for this incident. In Cleveland, coach Terry Francona and closer Emmanuel Clase will serve a one-game suspension that day. Ramirez was sentenced to a three-game suspension, but after an appeal, he will play normally on this day.

Schneider said, “I don’t hate the fact that Klasse can’t come out today. I hope Jose will digest the disciplinary action tomorrow as well.”

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