I told you not to hit it… “Kim Daehan, they say your body reacts first”

“It is said that the body reacted first (laughs).”

 Professional baseball Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop reported the news of outfielder Kim Dae-han ahead of the Suwon KT match on the 21st.

 On March 28, Daehan Kim fractured his right metacarpal during the match against Kiwoom, the last game of the exhibition game. He’s been through rehab, and he’s in the finishing stages. In order to regain his real fighting sense, he started competing in the Second Division Futures League.메이저사이트

 On the 20th, he came out as the 9th hitter and right fielder against Icheon Lotte. He went 0-for-3 on a fly to left field, a foul fly by the catcher, and a grounder to third base.

 Manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “It’s okay to strike out at the plate, so he told me not to hit the ball and just watch,” and “But he said he was greedy, so he hit lightly. He said his body reacted on its own,” he laughed.

 Coach Lee said, “The sense of the game is important. You have to look at the pitcher’s ball a lot,” he said. “You have to increase your pace by trying not only to hit, but also to defend and run. He said, “I have no intention of calling him to the first team.”

 He continued, “I try to call up when there is no risk of injury after finding the best feeling of hitting. As early as the end of May or the beginning of June,” he said. “He is a strong player mentally as well as physically. It will be a strength if you join as a player who has the triple time of ball, water, and run. I will watch carefully,” he said.

 Meanwhile, starting pitcher Kwak Bin, who was canceled due to a back injury, also started against Icheon Lotte on the 21st. He showed 2 innings with no hits, 4 walks, 3 strikeouts and no runs. The total number of pitches was 24, the highest fastball velocity was 150 km per hour, and the average velocity was 148 km. After pitching, he progressed 15 bullpen pitches, throwing a total of 39 pitches. It is evaluated that both the condition and physical condition are good.

 Director Lee said, “I plan to join Jamsil the day after tomorrow (23rd). If he is fit, he will start in the first team next weekend.”

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