If you get 157.2 billion won, now you have to run… CHA Hayward, imminent return

 It is hard to see the highest-paid person on the team stepping on the court. The team fell to the bottom of the league. Now, it was time to sortie.

According to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski’s report on the 16th (Korean time), Charlotte Hornets forward Gordon Hayward is recovering from a shoulder injury and will soon return.

Hayward is likely to make his comeback in the home game against the Atlanta Hawks on the 17th. It is known that he will check his final physical condition through shooting training before the game. 토토사이트

Now is the time to run. Hayward transferred to Charlotte in November 2020 after signing a four-year, $120 million contract. It is a super-large contract worth 157.2 billion won in Korean currency. Fans who recalled his injury history pointed out that it was an unreasonable overpay, but Charlotte Front, the owner of Michael Jordan, had a different idea.

The results were as expected. As expected, it’s coming out badly. Hayward played in 104 games in three seasons after moving to Charlotte. His personal performance averages 17.5 points and 5.1 rebounds, but he is a player who misses more than he plays, so it is difficult to give a good evaluation.

In particular, Hayward suffered a shoulder fracture on November 26 and was out of power for about three weeks. During this period, Charlotte suffered six consecutive losses and fell to the bottom of the league. Hayward’s pictures of him traveling with his wife during his injury were shared on social media, and Charlotte fans were literally turned inside out.

Now is the time for the super-high-income earners to return and serve one person. If Charlotte doesn’t break the worst trend at this point, this season will be very difficult. Furthermore, the label of eating and running following Hayward will become stronger. Both individually and for the team, Hayward has to stay healthy and stay strong for the long haul and lead Charlotte. Especially considering the size of his salary.