Incheon Physical Education High School, 158 participants in Physical Education Contest… goal to reach the top

 Incheon Physical Education High School (Principal Han Jae-geun) is going to the National Physical Education High School Sports Festival, which will lead Korea’s elite physical education.

Incheon Physical Education High School, 158 players participated in 13 events at the ’37th National Sports High School Sports Festival held by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism’ held in Ilwon at Gyeongbuk Physical Education High School and auxiliary stadium from April 6 to 8, winning 12 gold medals and 12 silver medals. We are aiming for 10 medals, 31 bronze medals, and 7th overall. 메이저놀이터

The National Physical Education High School Sports Festival is not only the honor of each city and province, but also the prelude to the National Sports Festival, in order to improve the athletic performance of high school players, discover excellent national sports players early, and share information and strengthen ties among national sports high schools. It is a good opportunity to evaluate in advance, and the players compete fiercely.

About 2,500 people (500 executives and 2,000 athletes) from 16 city and provincial high schools nationwide participated in the event, competing in 13 men’s and 11 women’s events, including track and field, swimming, gymnastics, shooting, archery, judo, taekwondo, and modern pentathlon. It is held in individual and group competitions.

Incheon Physical Education High School is expecting gold medals from Ju Woo-young and Lee Ji-hyeong in the 200m individual medley after winning two gold medals in the 50m and 100m swimming butterfly at the 103rd National Sports Festival last year.

They are also looking for gold medals in track and field triple jump Jeong Tae-sik, archery Jang Se-yoon and Park Jae-hyeong, judo Yun Woo-mi, wrestling Kwak Hyo-min, and taekwondo Lee Bae-hyeon.

Han Jae-geun, principal of Incheon Physical Education High School, said, “Excellent players have been training hard this year, and we are looking forward to discovering promising players who will become the main players of elite sports.” I hope there is,” he said.

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