Injury bad POR returns after Nurkitch All-Star break

Adrian Wojnarowski, a reporter for ESPN, reported on the 4th (Korean time) that Yusuf Nurkic will miss the All-Star break after suffering a calf sprain injury.

Nurkitch left after 2 minutes and 29 seconds due to a calf injury at the beginning of the game against Memphis on the 3rd. Nurkitch, who could not return to the court, also missed the game against Washington on the 4th.

Jokic, who was diagnosed with a calf sprain, is 메이저놀이터 expected to rest until the All-Star break. The NBA All-Star Game will be held in Salt Lake City on February 20, and Portland’s first game after the All-Star break will be against Sacramento on the 24th. 

Nurkic, who has only played in 101 games in the last three seasons, has been relatively healthy on the court this season. However, he could not avoid the bad news of injury this time as well. 

Portland, which had great faith in Nurkitch despite his injury issues, re-signed him for four years and $70 million last summer. However, Nurkic, who is recording an average of 13.8 points and 9.4 rebounds this season, is burning fans with his jagged performance.

Eventually, recently, even the playing time has decreased, and the weight in the team has decreased. It is Neokichi who became the main character of trade rumors because of his sluggish performance that did not match his annual salary. 

Portland has taken out formidable Memphis and Washington in its last two games without Nurkitch. Even if it does not necessarily bring about a big change, it is a point that should be pointed out at least once.

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