Inside, ‘die’ runs… I’m busy shaking it, what’s going on in Cheonan

 I can’t help it, but I’m busy shaking it. This is the story of Cheonan City FC, a civic club that is not free from politics.

Cheonan City challenged the K-League 2 ahead of this season. At the 6th board of directors meeting in 2022, agenda items such as approval of Cheonan football team membership and partial revision of club licensing regulations were deliberated and resolved. .

I didn’t expect it to be easy. Cheonan City inherited most of the players from K3 and at the same time reinforced players who were not established in the professional league. They may be lacking in skills, but they came together with ‘eagerness’ and ‘passion’. Park Nam-yeol, the first coach of Cheonan, was immersed in building a framework from winter training.

looked long Of course, it is impossible to achieve results in a short period of time. As a citizen club with little investment, Cheonan City has just taken its first step towards becoming a pro. Initially, Cheonan City set a goal to lead the team in the long term rather than immediate results.

Cheonan Mayor Park Sang-don, the owner, also said, “Cheonan is not a team that has risen to the second division through their current skills. I went up to the professional team as a condition of attracting the Korea Soccer Comprehensive Center,” he said, facing the reality and saying, “You shouldn’t be in a hurry. If you build up your performance step by step from now on, you will see the fruits of that. It’s okay to be last until the end of the year.”

As expected, Cheonan City is the only team without a ‘win’ in the K-League 1 and 2. They are on a tough road with 1 draw and 12 losses in 13 matches. But there is something else that makes the team more difficult.

Shaking the team from the outside. Even the owner is looking ahead and building the team step by step, but they are putting pressure on them. He is a person with a different party affiliation from the club owner in the region. From the time of the appointment of the manager, he has been making a mess of the team by putting forward a standard of criticism for various reasons such as player selection and club management.

No player runs because he wants to lose. The players as well as the coaching staff all hope for victory with one heart and one mind. Even if they can’t support them, in the reality that ‘you can live only if you stick together’, the pressure applied with impure intentions is now only an obstacle blocking the way for the club with the mindset of ‘I can try’ something.

Cheonan City recently held a fan meeting with manager Park and the front desk of the club. For a team that values ​​communication, fans also have a keynote of ‘believe and wait’. On the 20th, more than 3,000 fans visited the stadium for the Chungnam Asan match.안전놀이터

Although they have fallen into a swamp without a win in their 13th game, they are cheering up by shouting “Welcome to the bus” before the game and “Cheonan” after the game.

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