Is Son Heung-min just a ‘guest’? Excluding Tottenham’s ‘Leader Group’… Levi seeks advice from Lloris-Kane-Hoibier-Dyer

Tottenham’s acting manager, Christian Stellini, has been sacked.

Chairman Daniel Levy made an unusual statement on the 24th (local time) and directly announced the fact of Stellini’s resignation. “The result of the match against Newcastle United is absolutely unacceptable. It was devastating to watch,”

he said. British media The Sun said, “President Levy decided to sack Stellini after listening to the advice of the players’ committee, which consisted of captains Hugo Lloris, Harry Kane, Pierre-Emile Hoivier and Eric Dyer.” In other words, the Tottenham Players Committee showed great power. Football London said that Lloris, Kane, Hoivier, and Dyer seem to be Tottenham’s ‘leader group’. Son Heung-min is Tottenham’s 8th year this year. His presence is absolute. He even became the EPL top scorer. It is in a position where it can have a significant impact on Tottenham. However, Son Heung-min’s name was not mentioned in the ‘Leader Group’. Is Son Heung-min just a ‘guest’ staying at Tottenham? 온라인카지노

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