Kim Ha-seong and Ohtani ‘blind hit’… Korea-Japan big league off-field competition also attracts attention

10 days before the opening of the WBC, the off-site match between major leaguers is drawing attention. Ha-seong Kim and Ohtani swung hard from the first at-bat, predicting a hot bat showdown against Korea and Japan.

This is reporter Oh Seon-min.


< LA Angels 7:0 Chicago White Sox|Major League Baseball exhibition game > In the

bottom of the first inning, with no runners out and two out, Ohtani pulled a high pitch and hit the fence, but the center fielder threw himself on the wall, and the right fielder ran all the way. Can’t catch the ball either.

[Local broadcast: The ball bounced in front of the right fielder. Ohtani will step up to third base.]

Ohtani has delivered tremendous blows of over 140m from his batting training, but the most notable thing about him is that he hit the first pitch in every at-bat.

Ohtani said, “I just hit a ball I could hit,” but the Japanese media analyzed it as “evidence that he was ready to shake at the first pitch” and “showed the results of batting practice.”

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Kim Ha-sung’s bat also turned vigorously from the first at-bat.

A clean hit that scooped up a low-lying ball like golfing opened up a lot of points, and

Kim Ha-seong, who was back at bat after a round of batting order, even made 2 RBIs and timely hits, and San Diego scored 9 runs only in the 2nd inning.

[Kim Ha-seong/San Diego (January 27th): I personally think it’s not bad to join (WBC national team) after playing with major league players (at my team’s spring camp).

] Kim Ha-seong and Edmon, who were missing from the battery training, are scheduled to return to Korea on the 1st of next month.

With the addition of a major leaguer, the national teams will also form a full lineup this week.

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