Kim Jong-woo, who said, “I will become the king of Pohang,” director Kim Ki-dong, who claimed to be the “king maker,” and Kim Seung-dae, the “captain”

Pohang Steelers ‘new playmaker’ Kim Jong-woo (30) has a bold aspiration. Kim Jong-woo changed into a Pohang uniform in Gwangju as a replacement for ‘ace’ Shin Jin-ho, who left for Incheon this winter. He was famous as a ‘technician’ from the time he wore the Suwon Samsung uniform in 2015.먹튀검증

Kim Jong-woo, who recently attended the 2023 K-League winter field training media camp held in Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, answered the question about the nickname “Zidane (Zinedee Zidane)” because of his outstanding skills, “I came to Pohang and there were a lot of Zidane. It’s like that,” he said, trembling. He added, “Every time I move a team, a Zidane modifier is attached to suit the region. There is a position I want and aim for in Pohang, and I will try to reach it.” He raised his voice, saying, “I want to become the king of Pohang. Looking at last year, (Shin) Jin-ho played such a role, and I want to become a player who comes to mind when thinking of Pohang like (Kim) Seung-dae and (Son) Jun-ho.”

For Kim Jong-woo, who wanted to become a ‘king’, those who claimed to be ‘king makers’ appeared. It was Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong and “Captain” Kim Seung-dae.

On the 13th, coach Kim appeared on the club’s official YouTube channel ‘Pohanghang TV’ live talk and responded to Kim Jong-woo’s remarks that he would become a ‘king’, saying, “It’s good to see that you are confident. In fact, it will be burdensome. If I said I came to fill the position, I would approach it cautiously, but I see it as an expression of confidence as much as the part where I said, ‘I will become a king.’

Kim Seung-dae, who appeared with director Kim, also declared that he would be faithful to his role as a ‘king maker’. Kim Seung-dae said, “The coach’s choice to find the king was Jong-woo. Jong-woo is in an important position within the team, and the team can develop only when he becomes king. “I can be king enough. I think I said it well.”

‘Pohang Legend’ Oh Beom-seok (commentator) also said, “Jong-woo has very good skills. He has the ability to break off pressure with dribbles and kicks in a pressured situation. I remember scoring goals in important situations.”

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