“Klinsmann will accept the position as coach of the German national team” → Shocking remarks from the closest person who was with the World Cup winner

German legend Vogtz, who won both the World Cup and European Championships with Coach Klinsmann, recommended Coach Klinsmann as the next coach of the German national team.카지노

Germany suffered a shock 1-4 loss in an evaluation match against Japan held in Wolfsburg, Germany on the 10th. Afterwards, the German Football Association dismissed coach Flick, and he suffered the disgrace of being dismissed for the first time in the 123-year history of German soccer. Germany, which has a vacant coach, suffered a 3-game losing streak in international matches with Rudy Voehler, director of the German Football Association, at the helm in the friendly match against France held on the 13th, and defeated France.

With the new coach of the German national team receiving attention, Vogts recommended Coach Klinsmann as the new coach through the German media RP Online. Vogtz has a special relationship with coach Klinsmann.

Vogtz, who played a key role in winning the 1974 Germany World Cup during his active career, coached the German national team and won the World Cup together with Klinsmann, who played as a striker, at the 1990 Italy World Cup. He served as coach at Euro 96 and led Germany to victory. Vogtz led the German national team to the 1994 U.S. World Cup and 1998 France World Cup, and coach Klinsmann played an active role as Germany’s main striker at the time. Vogtz also served as technical director during Coach Klinsmann’s tenure as head coach of the U.S. national team.

“We need an experienced coach who can inspire the players and the people. A lot of things are going in the wrong direction. A new coach is not enough,” said Vogts. “Euro 2024 is an important tournament for us. “This is an opportunity to right many of the things that have gone wrong in recent years,” he said.

In particular, he mentioned the candidates by saying, “Coach Klopp and Coach Klinsmann have the passion and charisma to revitalize German soccer,” and expressed his opinion about Coach Klinsmann, “I think he will accept it if the German Football Association requests it.” “Ballack, Schweinsteiger and Lahm can definitely bring about change,” he said, predicting that players who represented Germany will have a positive impact if they join the coaching staff.

Vogts emphasized again, “German soccer fans remember the 2006 World Cup in Germany, where Klinsmann was their savior. Klinsmann also showed passion as coach of the U.S. national team. That’s what we need right now.”

On the 11th, German media Bild included Coach Klinsmann when introducing 10 candidates for the next manager of the German national team. In Germany, Klopp, Sammer, Nagelsmann, etc. are being mentioned as suitable candidates for the next German national team coach.

The national soccer team led by Coach Klinsmann won 1-0 in an evaluation match against Saudi Arabia held in Newcastle, England on the 13th. Coach Klinsmann, who had been controversial about working remotely, achieved his first win in six games since taking over as head coach of the national soccer team.

Regarding Coach Klinsmann, who is controversial for working remotely, German Sport said, ‘It was about 17 years ago that Coach Klinsmann received great criticism in Germany due to his residence issue. A year before the 2006 World Cup was held in Germany, then-Germany coach Klinsmann was publicly criticized. As a German coach, Klinsmann said he should have resided in Germany. Despite the unusual controversy, Klinsmann decided not to leave the United States, where he resides. And Coach Klinsmann is now doing that again as coach of the Korean national team. As was the case almost 20 years ago, Klinsmann’s absence is once again being spoken of very critically. Klinsmann said that when he took charge of the German national team, he was just as aware of criticism of his actions as he is now

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