KLPGA delivers warm hearts with charity funds raised through ‘E1 Charity Open’

With the charity fund prepared by the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) through the ’10th E1 Charity Open’, donations and goods were delivered to a total of six welfare institutions, sharing warmth.

KLPGA and E1 donated 100 million won out of 160 million won (80 million won for player donations, 80 million won for E1 donations) raised through a matching grant method at the ’10th E1 Charity Open’ last November to a global children’s rights specialist. It was delivered to the NGO ‘Good Neighbors’ and provided clothing to neighbors in need.

Subsequently, KLPGA prepared sponsorship funds and items with 30 million won of the remaining donations and held a delivery ceremony sequentially over two days on December 16th and 19th. 토토

On the 16th, donated funds and goods were donated to ‘Dongcheonui House’, an institution to protect people with intellectual disabilities, ‘Babsang Community Briquette Bank’, a social welfare institution that helps disadvantaged neighbors, and ‘Children’s Cancer NGO Hanbit’, an institution that protects children with leukemia and childhood cancer and their families. At work, she expressed her warm heart to ‘Life Nuri House’, a shelter for unmarried mothers, ‘Uijeongbu Infant Home’, a child protection facility, and ‘Hansarang Disabled Infant Home’, a protective institution for children with disabilities.