Korean badminton, Park Joo-bong’s complete defeat of Japan… Ahn Se-young defeats the ‘nemesis’ and confirms victory

Korean badminton won a complete victory against Japan in the national team competition. In particular, Ahn Se-young, the women’s singles ace, perfectly defeated the world’s No. 1 Yamaguchi.

This is Reporter Lee Da-som.

Korea made a good start with a 2-1 come-from-behind victory in mixed doubles.메이저사이트

In men’s singles, Jeon Hyuk-jin, the ‘eldest brother’, overcame the inferiority in the world rankings and gained momentum with a 2-0 victory.

And the highlight of this Korea-Japan match that started. As befits the world’s first and second place in women’s singles, the confrontation between Yamaguchi and Ahn Se-young sparked from the beginning of the game.

However, Ahn Se-young, who overcame Yamaguchi’s attack with artistic defense, took the first set with a 10-point victory.

Even in the second set, Ahn Se-young overpowered Yamaguchi in offense and defense, and the exhausted Yamaguchi even showed his frustration by lying on the court.

2-0 win. Ahn Se-young caught Yamaguchi with a perfect victory after overcoming the opponent’s record of 6 wins and 12 losses. 

Ahn Se-young / National badminton player
“I don’t know what happened. I just enjoyed it…”

Ahn Se-young reciprocated the support of the crowd and teammates with a hot ceremony after the game, adding to the heat.

Ahn Se-young / National badminton representative
“I don’t know how to do well on camera, but I think I can enjoy it better than anyone else on the court…”

South Korea, which confirmed its victory early with the victory of ‘fixer’ Ahn Se-young, also won the men’s and women’s doubles, defeating coach Park Joo-bong’s Japan 5-0, raising expectations for a championship title in six years.

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