Korean figure skating, first participation in national competition ‘Team Trophy’… ‘Captain Car’ at the forefront

He is a player who is followed by the modifier ‘first’. Cha Jun-hwan, the figure skater, now has the modifier ‘captain car’. He becomes the captain of the figure skating team and competes in the national competition for the first time ever.

Reporter Choi Jong-hyeok met. 안전놀이터


The middle school boy who wore the Taegeuk mark for the first time in 2015 gradually built up his skills and expressive skills, and 8 years later, he transformed into a charismatic James Bond.

Cha Jun-hwan, who grew up fighting himself in the barren land of men’s figure skating, made a new history this year by coming second in the world championships.

[Cha Jun-hwan/National Figure Skating Representative: It seems very honorable and grateful to be given the modifier ‘first’.]

For the first time, Korean figure skating is participating in a national competition hosted by the International Skating Federation.

[Cha Jun-hwan/National Figure Skating Representative: Because of that, as a captain, a little sense of responsibility… ]

Fellow players also sent infinite trust towards the captain.

[Lee Si-hyung/National Figure Skating Representative: (I am) the eldest brother, but since the ‘captain’ is Jun-hwan, I have to do what the captain tells me to do.] In the team competition,

points are added for each event to determine the ranking by country. I have high expectations.

[Lee Hae-in/National figure skater: We plan to do ‘Hype boy’ when we have a gala.] The

captain praised them as it was necessary to promote the group event.

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